Report: Diesel Powered Mini Cooper S To Debut In 2011

Report: Diesel Powered Mini Cooper S To Debut In 2011

With the success of oil-burning hot hatches like the Seat Leon Cupra FR and Volkswagen Golf GTD, as well as a general trend towards “green” products (whatever that means), Mini is preparing to launch a diesel version of their Mini Cooper S hot hatch.

Due to emissions legislation, BMW won’t offer the diesel in North America (instead, we’ll get hyper-efficient variants of Mini’s new 3-cylinder engines)au, as federalizing it would be too cost prohibitive. But in Europe and other overseas markets, a diesel is a necessary option. The diesel should be available across the entire Mini range as well, putting out 140 horsepower and 230 lb-ft of torque, while returning over 40 mpg.

[Source: Motoring File]

  • anne richardson

    hello will the mini cooper S deisel be available in March 2011?
    what sort of price will it be? will it come with leather interior as standard.. and other features normally added at extra cost?
    How many miles per gallon approx? thank you Anne

  • alice

    I believe the Mini Cooper SD will be available in European markets in Summer 2011. As for leather interior, I highly doubt this will be a standard feature; in fact, I can pretty much guarantee it. Leather is always a markup for MINI because in addition to the more expensive upholstery, the leather also requires the addition of sport seats (which also adds to the overall cost of the seats). MINI typically goes for a bare-bones approach for what vehicle luxuries are “standard” to 1) keep costs down for customers who may not want fancy additions, and 2) allow customers to customize their vehicles to their exact specification. Dealers will order pre-specced cars that usually have a decent amount of add-ons for great prices, so you’re covered there.

  • anne

    hello again… what will be the size of engine for the new mini cooper S deisel? does anyone know? anne