Porsche And Nissan In Marketing War In The UK

Porsche And Nissan In Marketing War In The UK

Porsche is requesting that Nissan remove billboards in the United Kingdom featuring an unauthorized usage of Porsche’s famous crest emblem. While Porsche is within its legal rights to crack down on Nissan for an unauthorized use of a Porsche trademark, Nissan has been mounting a series of guerrilla marketing campaigns designed to poke fun at German brands such as Audi, BMW and Porsche.

While Nissan’s billboards display slogans with puns like “The Winner Hans Down”, problems arose when Nissan displayed vehicles with the Porsche crest (and other emblems) next to a simulated “kill count”, similar to a WWII fighter plane, showing how many “kills” the Nissan vehicles have recorded on the Nurburgring.

Porsche was understandably mad, and challenged Nissan on the legality of their campaign. “The problem arose with them using our Porsche crests,” said Andrea Baker, head of public relations at Porsche. “They are our property and we do not give permission to any company to use our crests without our permission. This applies to any company.”

[Source: The Guardian]


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