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 |  Aug 15 2010, 1:00 PM


A stroke of genius by the folks in charge of Lotus, the Exos Type 125 is billed as “The Ultimate Track Car” and by all accounts, they’re right. Essentially a Formula 1 chassis made entirely of carbon fiber and weighing just 1,433 lbs, the Exos 125 uses a Cosworth F1 engine to make 650-hp at 10,300 rpm. Pricing is set at a million dollars for one of the 25 limited edition race cars and includes several track events throughout the world.

In the past Lotus offered mid-range exotics and sports cars that only appealed to a very niche audience. The company is looking to change that in the future, and is set to display up to four new concepts at the upcoming Paris Auto Show.

What the Exos T125 will do for the British automaker is get ultra-rich clients in the door and help make them fans of the Lotus brand. What Ferrari 599XX owner wouldn’t want this machine?

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  • David05

    Is this the A1GP car re-engined ? It’s surely not a ground up design.