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 |  Sep 20 2010, 11:28 AM

Ford CEO Alan Mulally told an audience that he finds it difficult to justify the cost of composite materials like carbon fiber, and that steel and alloys still have a place in automotive production.

“We cannot make a business case for composites in the auto industry,” Mulally, formerly CEO of Boeing, said after a speed at the Wings Club aviation forum in New York.  Boeing was a pioneer of composite material on their airliners, including the 787 jumbo jet.

Mulally cited the cost of ovens needed to bake carbon fiber and other composites as exceedingly expensive, and difficult to justify financially.

[Source: NASDAQ]

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  • Chad

    It is this sort of thinking that will have Ford playing catch-up in 10 years when other begin moving to composites as an easy way to increase MPG.