Lotus Eterne Concept Debuts, Purists Everywhere Cry [Paris 2010]

Lotus Eterne Concept Debuts, Purists Everywhere Cry [Paris 2010]

Well, we had to expect it. With everyone from Maserati to Aston Martin to Porsche producing a four-door, the Lotus Eterne was a smart gambit on the current fad for four-door supercar sedans that look like coupes.

The Lotus Eterne concept is a study in what would happen if Lotus entered that market. Using the same 5.0L 620 horsepower V8 as the Esprit, the Eterne not only hits 60 mph in 4 seconds but can be had with the KERS regenerative braking system and an automatic transmission.

With an estimated price of  $195,000 only the well-heeled few can afford this car. Normally, cursing might be fun when directed at that crowd, but if they’re keeping Lotus afloat by buying this car, we wish them well.

Gallery: Lotus Eterne Concept

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  • Lisa

    I could understand if you said Mercedes (CLS) or Lamborghini (Estoque) but what Maserati is a 4-dr “supercar sedan” ??? I really really pray that you don’t think the Quattroporte is a supercar sedan LOL

  • Quentin Dewolf

    remeber that Lotus has made 4 doors before “The Lotus Carlton held the title of the fastest four door saloon car for some years”

  • dinie

    i think this was the greatest car that lotus made..And i hope lotus can produce another type that more powerful than the already sold…

  • Nesh-sgp

    Great to know Lotus is gearing up at all levels !