Bugatti Veyron Fender Bender Caught on Video

Bugatti Veyron Fender Bender Caught on Video

As the story goes, a potential Bugatti Veyron owner wanted to take his (not so) future car out on a test drive. While backing out the $2,000,000 supercar, the driver neglected to check his blind spots carefully and ended up backing into a car just sitting in traffic.

And along with the rear bumper damage, the driver managed to scrape the front bumper of the car getting out of the driveway, clearly having no experience of driving a lower profile vehicle. Of course everything was witnessed by innocent bystanders just trying to take a good look at the exotic. We’re guessing the one who captured this video just couldn’t wait to get it up on Youtube to share with the rest of the world.

Rumor has it that the damage tallied up to $30,000 and one would assume that the test driver would be forking out the bill for it. The extravagant cost to repair the damage is mostly due to the rarity of licensed Bugatti technicians, despite the accident being so small.

[Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner]

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