Cuong Dollar Lives Up To His Name With Ridiculous Car Collection

Cuong Dollar Lives Up To His Name With Ridiculous Car Collection

Not to be overshadowed by the 21 year old Saudi student with an extravagant luxury car collection, Nguyen Quoc Cuong – nicknamed Cuong Dollar – has a luxury car collection that probably trumps any we’ve ever seen… and it’s all in Vietnam.

The guy doesn’t even have an accurate count of how many cars he has, but his so-called favorites are a Lamborghini Gallardo SE, Lamborghini Gallardo, Ferrari 360 Spider, Ferrari F430, Ferrari F430 Spider… you get the point yet? He’s got cars and he’s got lots of them. Clearly his family is wealthy and the photos of the cars at the luxurious home shows just that.

Going through the extensive gallery, there’s obviously a handful of Lamborghinis and Ferraris, an Audi R8, a couple of Bentleys, a Rolls-Royce Phantom, a couple of Porsches, a Mini Cooper, some domestic muscle… and even what looks like a cop car. We don’t even know what to say, we’re pretty speechless, especially when it’s almost dizzying to figure out what cars he actually has in his collection.


Hit the jump to see photos of all his cars, and check out the link above to see even more cars and his ex-girlfriends. Who said money can’t buy happiness?

[Ed. Note: It has come to our attention that some of the photos referred to in this article and sourced to may not be of vehicles belonging to Nguyen Quoc Cuong. AutoGuide is currently looking into origin of the story and the photos.]

GALLERY: Cuong Dollar’s Luxury Car Collection

  • Phan

    Those not his car and neither were those pictures taken in Vietnam. It’s true that he is rich and has a luxury life but not up to that level. Your source of news is not clear so don’t talk about us with that kind of tone!

  • mike

    damn he’s gay man…king of gay in VN

  • Dung Euro

    His collection is just belong to him under his mum’s money. He has nothing made by him.. nothing… I got $, I can use it to save some one not to buy a car which is put in a dark room and wait for its boss show to friends. He’s a fool but smart to make a PR hisself through out buying expensive cars and some call grils…haha Wait and see what will happen 5 years later. Cuong $! you will fall down on the floor.

  • Joo

    does he buy all these cars with his own money?

  • noname

    nah, the main picture could be photoshoped or taken somewhere else. There is no Lamboghini Diablo and/or Ferrari Enzo in Vietnam. Also, what the hell is an American cop car and the two white dudes doing in that photo?

  • thang

    You call this ridiculous? I don’t think so. He got many luxury cars. So what?
    He never say anything about himself. And nickname “Cuong Dollar” is not what his friends, his family call him.
    You are a journalist, you should write and comment on what you write about objectively.
    He always keep a low profile, and he is do a lots of thing that benefit for Viet Nam’s society.
    An one more thing, don’t take a stupid picture somewhere and attach it to “Cuong dollar”.
    The first picture is not him & not taken in his home as well. It even not was taken in Viet Nam.
    You can go through Vietnamese news webs & forum to check that.
    p/s: i think this website is totally unprofessional, and its reporters is also amateur & careless.

  • Tom Nault

    Your article is a complete fraud. Those photos were taken by Kevin Ng, also known as the “VIN King”. My car is in some of the photos as most were taken in the LA area before Kevin returned to Hong Kong. In fact I still have many of the originals. As an example, the photo with the police car was taken for the 11-99 foundation in the summer of 2008, there are others that we taken at various events which is how this article came to my attention. This comment is to serve as warning that you are perpetuating a known fraud and if you don’t pull it, you will be liable. Contact me if you have questions.

  • Danh Dang

    This photo is not true because it was not taken in Vietnam. in a police car photos, which paint colors and styles so the police car in the U.S. only.! in Vietnam can not have such a police car.

  • Tang Thanh Ha

    Cuong Dollar is just a rich kid.
    His mother Mrs. Loan become rich with her forest-destroy career.

    Sorry to say that.

  • Vu Quach

    do u guys even look at other pictures? they’re all from vietnam. Kthx

  • TDM
  • Johny Pham

    Car collection of CUONG$ is number1 at VietNam, if you want to see please come to viet nam, don’t false thoughts.thks

  • fantome

    The index picture is totally a fraud.
    Al though many pictures were taken in Vietnam, not all of them belong to him. As you might notice, only the pictures with the 2 ferrari and the gallardo were taken in the same house. Other pictures were taken in various places. They might belong to someone else in Vietnam.
    The black gallardo picture look more to me like st u can find on google images.
    In the photos with the mini cooper, the house does not look like a typical house in Vietnam. Also, it totally differ from the one with the 2 ferrari and the gallardo.
    If you look closely to all the picture, you will notice that the 2 ferrari, the gallardo and the white phantom could probably in the same house which I assume Cuong’s house. The rest, I think they are not even his cars.
    Conclusion, this is a great scam to lure people’s attention so that the website can increase its visitor number.

  • Tony lim

    Some images are not correct! If anyone needs to know the details here

  • Vu Quach

    Do you think a guy with a typical house can own that collection? Not to mention, cars’ prices in Vietnam are triple the US’ prices

  • pham

    I’ve heard a lot of people from Vietnam said that his money come from his mother, the most famous “Vietnam-forest destroyer”.
    (likes Tang Thanh Ha has said “Cuong Dollar is just a rich kid. His mother Mrs. Loan become rich with her forest-destroy career. Sorry to say that.”)

  • Tran

    phan, if you dont know for sure, shut the hell up. those are his and the picture are from VN. Been there, rode them so I know. dont go here and spread ignorance

  • Nobi

    Cuong dollar is a very rich man in Viet Nam. He love car when he was a child. Now he is a Deputy Director General of Quoc Cuong Gia Lai company. Car is his life. Hope Mr Cuong will success and bring many super car to Viet Nam.

  • Tienseo

    Everyone, it’s so bullshit,free become to be superficial in life.

  • babababa

    cuong Dollar strength is very rich
    it is true
    vehicles that is his real
    plate 81, as his car in Gia Lai, 51,52,53 in Saigon

  • vu hai nam

    cuong dollar is best

  • Cuong Nguyen Quoc

    All deluxe cars collection are mine. For detail, please contact Quoc Cuong Buiding, 472 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, District 3, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

  • vietnam

    it’s not pts. It’s truth

  • ykboiz

    that’s right!
    It’s truth.
    He’s very rich

  • David Nguyen

    Maybe, not all those cars on the pictures are his, could be his other friend’s, but I’m pretty sure he has alot of luxury cars. I just know that because my brother knows him. I dont think it is really matter if he uses his money or his mom’s money to buy all those cars. Anyway, i think it is just a waste to have that many cars especially when one lives in Vietnam…but that’s just his hobby and he enjoys doing so…. I’m sure when your family is filthy rich, you would be like that too…so just leave that nigger alone.

    @Vu Quach – I can say that his family has approximately 500million USD up to over a billion (USD).

  • ChienSy

    There is onething that you guy shoud know that the pride of cars in VN is double or may be triple than in US because of the tax policy!

  • rapperpiles

    Cuong dollar”s family is stinkbugs for VN economy,they bite,destroy

  • Someone of concern

    You know Cuong, your money could go to a better place. Instead of spending it all on cars, you could use it help the Vietnamese economy. There are people in that country who are suffering, whereas you are senselessly buying cars with your mother’s money. Do you feel proud? I hope not. I don’t care if you’re filthy rich, that doesn’t really matter to me. All you have is more money. And thanks to your mother, you sure are creating a beautiful world, right? Destroying sacred land and not caring about the environment. Need I say more? That disgusts me. You know you can give yourself a better appearance towards the Vietnamese by helping them create a better place, fixing homes and creating more places for education for those of the future generation. Why do you waste it on cars like that? Who are you trying to show off to? Does that make you feel better that you have more cars than other people in Vietnam?

    I’d just like to know… even though, you seem very happy with the ridiculous amount of cars you have, do you ever wonder to yourself, “Am I completely happy?”. Does buying cars make you happy? I guess if you get a new car, you would be. But the happiness doesn’t stay for very long does it? Is that why you have so much? Does buying expensive cars.. give you a purpose in life? If it does, that’s quite sad. I’m sorry to say that, but it is.

  • vipkip

    Cuong Dollar is has money from his mother company. Every year Hoang Anh Gia Lai Company beside tax,business… the company get 700 billion VND a year = 33.3 million dollar ( I did the math :)) ) and they have to spend 400 billion VND or the government will take all =)) that why he has the collection to rich!

  • JJ

    He is a fag. It is pretty disgusting when the vast majority of Vietnamese people are poor. These leeches never dies.

    No matter how many cars he has, he is still a skinny fag. I am not even jealous. I just find this shit sickening because anyone who has ever been to vietnam can see kids begging on the street and these bloody bastard don’t even have heard to uplift their country.

    It is a really damn shame.

  • Tonk

    He is definately a show off. Why not use your riches to make a better life for the majority of poor people in vietnam. Instead lets spend it on high end luxuries and cars which he can use to show off. “LOOK AT ME EVERYONE. COME S**K ME OFF”. Has anyone read this about his car gains?

    Cuong Nguyen aka Nickname Cuong Dollar Parents Are Corrupted So Of Course Cuong Dollar Is Corrupted.

    Vietnam is the #1 Country right now in Corruption.

    This is how Cuong Dollar fool everyone eyes. He has family in the United States that commited Insurance Fraud on Exotics Vehicles Lamborghini Gallardo SE, Lamborghini Gallardo, Ferrari 360 Spider, Ferrari F430, Ferrari F430 Spider, Rolls Royce, Gumball 3000 Tour, and Etc…

    His family in the United States finds a Stupid Person as there Guinea Pig who has extremely good Credit. They purchase the Vehicles then 2 months later puts on a Ship to Vietnam then Report it Stolen to the Insurance Company. His family in the United States also steal these Lamborghini Gallardo SE, Lamborghini Gallardo, Ferrari 360 Spider, Ferrari F430, Ferrari F430 Spider, Rolls Royce, Gumball 3000 Tour, and Etc… from people who actually own them therefore you can not say it a legit Exotic Vehicle own by Cuong Nguyen aka Nickname Cuong Dollar.

    That how Cuong Nguyen aka Nickname Cuong Dollar Fools Everyone in Vietnam.

    Here is the % break down:

    90% Normal Regular People Under Poverty In Vietnam Barely Make It To Survive Day To Day.


    1% of people in vietnam are legitimate business people but in this 1% only .0000002% can actually purchase a Vehicle a regular Toyota Sienna, Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Honda Odyssey basically regular Vehicles only. The rest of them will never buy a vehicle because making money in vietnam is not easy at all.

    Only corrupted people in Vietnam can purchase High End Exotics Vehicles and High End Vehicles like Lexus, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini Gallardo SE, Lamborghini Gallardo, Ferrari 360 Spider, Ferrari F430, Ferrari F430 Spider, Rolls Royce, Gumball 3000 Tour, and some will even buy regular vehicles like Toyota Sienna, Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Honda Odyssey to cover people eyes.

    Cuong Nguyen aka Nickname Cuong Dollar is not Rich at all he just scamming your eyes to think he’s rich

  • stoley

    look at all these jealous people hating. Haterrrrrrs. hahahahaha. Probably sitting back in your moms basement writing nasty comments on this guy because of jealousy. Don’t hate, congratulate. And participate.

  • Pham khac tuan
    Read here, you will understand about Nguyen Quoc Cuong (Cuong Dollar)

  • Hung

    Phan – All picture taken in VietNam (Cuong house)

  • Nill


  • y

    all pix R real, but not sure bout the TOP pic

  • Anh Hai

    What ever the data are 100% correct or not. He is truly the one loving to collect luxury cars. No matter it ‘s his mother money or his own money, at least I am not his fan, and neither his girllfriend’s fan(a singer) I never like to click any news about her (or with him)

    I need to say that his family is rich, but at least he is not ruining his life in drugs, or criminal act.. Compere to other kids who are sons/daughters of wealthy and high ranked VN communist government parents.

  • Binh Trinh

    Those pictures are of course taken in Vietnam. Where else?? Look at the license plates. People who say they’re not taken in Vietnam are obviously a fool and don’t know a thing about Vietnam today. Enough said.

  • Henrytran4893

    Not all. Some pictures not in vn. Some picts at cuing friend house

  • Shutupyourmouth

    shut up your mouth

  • TerryNguyen

    lol how about put all of those car in each single pictures together and guess how many car does he had. Probably the Top pic is not the rest of his car

  • Bias-standpoint

    a lot of number, alot of data, to make your statement valid, please cited the source ( ex: where did you get the number 90% Normal Regular People Under poverty in Vietnam….)…otherwise, people will think you make it up

  • Bias-standpoint

    It is not proud to say, but to correct your number: you stated: Vietnam #1 corrupted country. Base on Wikipedia and other reliable source: Vietnam rank 2.9, number 123 out of 174 countries. 

    There 196 countries in the world: stated by Geography dont think you know how many countries are there in the world, I didnt.) So there are about 22 unrank or cant be measured.The top of the list before was Russia but they dropped to 2.4. #1 now is SomaliVietnam is (174-123=) 51 in the world for corruption…———-Had some free time so I made some google check up—-Cheers

  • Lovenhung

    Do u even know what kind of crime he committed and got out of them bc of his money? Jealous? I dont think so. Unless u agree with how he lives his life.

  • Jay Gary

    Wow. I just came across this post, and even though the accuracy of the pictures has been clearly questioned, the editor still chooses to keep the post up for traffic. A laughable attempt to stay relevant to say the least. C’mon guys, get with it.

    The first and last photos were taken in Calabasas and a few were taken in Hacienda Heights. How do I know? I know the owners of those car collections.

    Talk about bad journalism.