UK Police Fleet Now Populated by BMW Models

UK Police Fleet Now Populated by BMW Models

This might just entice some people to have some run-ins with the law. Police forces over in the United Kingdom have enlisted the help of BMW, adding BMW’s customized X3, X5, 3-Series and 5-Series to their police fleet. Motorcycle cops get to hang out on BMW’s R1200 RF-P motorcycles. All of the vehicles are actually built to police specs at the assembly line process, rather than modifying a stock vehicle off the showroom floor.

Obviously details on the car’s setups aren’t mentioned, but for the 5-Series they do use a 530d platform while the 3-Series is a 330d (nice!). The X3 sports an xDrive20d tag while the X5 comes in both Drive30d and xDrive40d models.

We guess the more entertaining aspect to all this is that breaking the law could give you a free ride on a luxurious BMW 5-Series sedan. Imagine if American cops were sporting E90 335s around town, lights blaring, turbos spooling.

GALLERY: BMW UK Police Fleet

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