Video: Youngster Shows What’s It’s Like To Drive A Tesla

Video: Youngster Shows What’s It’s Like To Drive A Tesla

When we test drove the Tesla Roadster Sport 2.5 , we did our best to provide you with an accurate impression of what it feels like to drive something so completely different from anything else on the road.

Even with the limited range, the lack of practicality and the huge pricetag, we would still have one without thinking. This video should explain why.

The young auto enthusiast in this video best represents the mixture of fear and exhiliration when you put your foot down and feel the car just GO. Although we managed to get a giggle out of Peter Miller, our photographer for the Tesla review, Peter races go-karts at a high level and is used to going fast. For the average person, the video below is much more accurate of what it really feels like to hit warp speed in Elon Musk’s electric speed-demon.

Hit the jump to see the Tesla Roadster acceleration video.

[Thanks to Autoblog for the link]

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