Study: Women Tend to Steer Clear of Basic Car Maintenance

Study: Women Tend to Steer Clear of Basic Car Maintenance

This probably won’t come as a surprise to anyone: Women are less inclined than men to get hands on when it comes to basic car maintenance. And now, there are stats that back up this statement, thanks to a recent poll conducted by UK used car website

According to the study, more than 12 percent (about 1 in 10) female drivers never check their car’s oil level, while just under 8 percent of say the same. When it comes to checking tire pressure, twice as many women (14 percent) as men (7 percent) admit to neglecting this simple car maintenance step, while around 1 in five women say they never check the tread-depth.

To carry our these basic maintenance services, women drivers are more likely than men to pay someone else to do it – about  14 percent of women pay to have coolant levels checked compared with 5 percent of men. Adding to these numbers is the 9 percent of women who pay someone else to check their washer fluid level (3 percent of men admitted this same fact).

Autoquake’s CEO, Dermot Halpin, said: “We’re surprised to find such differences between the sexes. Pumping up your tyres or checking the oil level doesn’t require any special mechanical knowledge or muscle power, yet women drivers in particular are neglecting these basic but important checks.

[Source: Autoquake]