Subaru Impreza Concept to Inspire All Future Models

Subaru Impreza Concept to Inspire All Future Models

Unveiled last week at the LA Auto Show, the Subaru Impreza Design Concept is set to inspire more than just the one compact car. In fact, according to Subaru’s top designer Osamu Namba, the vehicle foreshadows a design language that will shape all future Subaru models.

The “Confidence in Motion” design language displayed in the concept will more directly flow through to the Impreza, but Namba says to expect many of the cues to be reflected in the future generation of models, with design traits like the front grille and headlights sure to become staples of Subaru’s new vehicles.

In an interview with AutoCar, Namba admitted that in the past there were design “inconsistencies” at Subaru, and the goal is now to bring all models in line, so you’ll know a Subaru when you see one. New Subaru models are also expected to get a lower and wider stance from now on, while taller models like the Tribeca and Outback will be varied somewhat. As for the WRX and STI, they will continue to also differentiate themselves from the rest of the lineup, with aggressive race-inspired features.

GALLERY: Subaru Impreza Design Concept

SubaruImprezaConceptLA - 2.jpgSubaruImprezaConceptLA - 3.jpgSubaruImprezaConceptLA - 4.jpgSubaruImprezaConceptLA - 5.jpgSubaruImprezaConceptLA - 6.jpgSubaruImprezaConceptLA - 7.jpg

[Source: AutoCar]

See after the jump for AutoGuide’s video of the Impreza Design Concept from the LA Auto Show:

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  • Dsubie

    ultra-generic styling, just turned this car which flaunted its rally heritage into a car that looks like every other Japanese ecobox. nice job subie

  • OldBay

    First they kill the outback, now the impreza. Nice to see that Toyota’s influence is trashing what was once a great niche car.

  • Chad

    Congrats, Subaru, you now look like everyone else. This is not a compliment.

  • thomas

    looks nice to me. its about time subaru steps its game up and builds cars that people will look at and go wow look the new subaru. not what is that?

  • erik

    looks like a rx8 that some kid put a bunch of after market body kit junk on like the snow plow they often put on civics…
    seriously I love subaru because It’s a good car for playing in the outdoors this new style trend really sucks…