Honda Element To Cease Production [AutoGuide Exclusive]

Honda Element To Cease Production [AutoGuide Exclusive]

Autoguide has learned that Honda will announce on Friday that production of their Element compact SUV will cease. No official reasons were given, but one can suspect that slow sales of the vehicle, combined with strong sales of the Honda CR-V, led to the decision.

Stay tuned for more as we await official word from Honda on the fate of the Element.

  • Calgary Chris

    Good it’s an ugly lemon. The only people that like it are those weirdos over at the Element Owners Club.

  • weirdo

    Calgary Chris must be right because he? has true wisdom.
    You can tell this is true by his? brilliant assessment.
    I bow to your incredible logic.

  • Calgary Chris Sux

    You’re the weirdo.

  • Eugene

    I’ve had cars I would consider to be “lemons”…..and after owning my SC Element for 4 years, it’s service has been exemplary. It’s too bad that for most people, they don’t allow themselves to just look at the Element…they can’t get past their initial reaction to something different. Some folks want that security of owning something that everyone else owns…..a dozen vehicles just like theirs on every block. If production does in fact come to a halt….we’ll at least I can say “I’ve got mine!”

  • Paul

    I own an Element and I can say this is a sad day. I did not appreciate the Element, even thought it looked weird, prior to driving one for a few days. Then, I was hooked and had to get my own. I much prefer the original “boxier” design with the plastic panels. There is a need for this type of vehicle.

  • grey

    one of the most functional and reliable vehicles on the road. what a shame.

  • Calgary Chris

    Piece of Junk . All the fat rednecks over at the EOC love it.

  • Redneck Calgary

    Calgary Chris obviously got her ass kicked by an Element owner and hasn’t got over it.


    This is a very sad day. My 2005 (plastic panelled green) Element is about to trip over 100,000 miles and what an amazing adventure it has been! Can’t wait to meet up with a dozen of these lovely boxes in Death Valley at the end of February.

    Chris is just bitter about the Flames being the Western Division’s mattress this year so he has to lash out at something…

  • Calgary Chris

    I hate the Flames I hope they finish in last place.

    I laugh at all you fat B***tards at the EOC, some of you morons are so stupid you own two of these ***tboxes!

  • Calgary Chris

    By the way, I drive a Suzuki X90. You just don’t get a finer automobile than that.

  • Calgary Chris

    I might like the Element better if my boyfriend hadn’t taken my virginity in the back of his and then dumped me.

  • amped

    You call a Suzuki X90 the finest automobile? You must smoking some good stuff to think that. Off the top of my head I can name at least 50 automobiles better than that and that’s not including cars that are ridiculously expensive.

  • Ramblerdan

    The end to the redneck motorhome is near!

  • EOC4ME

    I’ve owned (3) over the E’s life cycle!!!
    Looks like I’ll have to buy a 2011 SC and just keep’er in storage.
    DJEMBE you ROCK!
    See’ya in DV in FEB!!!

  • Wilyumm

    Have 150,000 miles on my “04 EX and have never had a better vehicle or one that was more fun to drive and mod.
    As for Calgary Chris, she/he is allowed to have his/her opinion. If I had a Suzuki I would look for something else to dis too. In looking at the Suzuki Owners Club site, wait, that is for motorcycles. Where’s the car site?

  • Calgary Chris

    Sorry guys, I’m just upset because there’s such a good following for the Element. I’m so bitter because it turns out, I’m the only one in the country that got suckered into buying a Suesucki X90. It’s so lonely on the forum I created…for myself.

  • GG

    Its about time!

  • dazednconfuzed

    Calgary Chris is just upset because he didn’t know how to play nice and isn’t allowed to play with other owners at the EOC anymore.

  • Ramblerdan

    I’m ashamed to be the kingpin of the REDNECKED two headed inbreed club.

  • bildm

    I’m 48 years old. My 04 Element is the best vehicle I have ever owned.

  • OBP SC 2010

    We have had two E’s. We love them. Im skinny and i like them and im not a redneck. I may live in Georiga but i love the car. Its done everything ive ever wanted it too do! We have a SC now and its very modable. Honda is Honda is Honda. Its a total shame :( will keep ours forever now. Maybe even buy another one down there road.

    HONDA YOU HAD BETTER MAKE UP FOR THIS ONE!!! Turbo Type R Civic or HPD civic that would be sweet…

  • Protaganis

    They best make up for it by making the Earth Elemental!
    Diesel, AWD, Higher towing capacity… Heck just check the EOC wishlist and do as is asked.

  • JC

    We got our Element (Bruno) 7 yrs ago in NYC…. was driving through NJ windows down, at a stop sign, guy said “ugly car”…. same day, similar incident in Manhattan this other dude uttered “cool car”. I have spied children laughing at Bruno (but not mocking mind you, more like he is a toy or funny cartoon character) people stop us when they see us getting in the car to ask all kinds of questions (saying they want one) I guess you love the Element or hate it….
    Bruno now has 150,000 miles on him, has been very reliable. Has been great for hauling bikes, sculpture, tools etc. Only downside: only 4 seats and hard to get kid in and out of.
    Our next car will be a more family friendly car but we will be sad to say goodbye to our old pal Bruno.

  • Alaskan_Toaster

    I have owned my Element for over three years now and cannot imagine how any other vehicle in the market segment could have done the same things. The only maintenance I have done is (basically) oil changes, and I fully expect that, being a Honda, it will require little else throughout its life. It’s a sad day when a manufacturer decides to bench a great vehicle, partly due to their own lack of good advertising.
    To Calgary Chris – it’s not too late to trade in your X90 on an Element, they might even give you a good deal for Christmas…. :-)

  • Calgary Chris

    You guys do realize that I am mentally challenged, don’t you?

  • jdiane

    Darn I better keep mine or I wont have a place to cheat on my lesbian wife with my lesbian hookers, life is tough being a lesbian maybe I should try a man.

  • Fast Eddie B

    Our ’05 with MT is the most reliable vehicle we’ve owned. 108,000 miles and other than routine maintenance, count odometer bulbs as the one repair to date. Still on the original brake pads (yay downshifting!). Replaced shocks with used “takeoffs” at about 70,000 miles. My wife and I transport dogs, and the washable and durable interior is great. If ours ever takes a serious dump, we’d likely look for a low-mileage MT Element to replace it – unless something similar in a hybrid comes along.

  • ramblerd

    For the record, that wasn’t me (ramblerdan, a moderator on EOC) who made the “end to the redneck motorhome is near” comment. Faking my identity was a low blow, Chris, but no surprise.

  • jdiane

    Low Blow? We know you blow Dan so don’t blame it on some one else.

  • mustanggt31

    Ive owned my element for 4 years now. Its an 04 EX AWD 5mt. It now has 126k on it and minus brakes and suspension has given me no issues. I don’t exactly drive it easy either. Ive loaded way to much stuff in it. Including a SHO v6, a entire band’s equipment (drums, 3 cabs, 3 heads, drum set and keyboard plus my luggage) drove 2000 miles with all that band stuff, helped numerous friends move, and pulled stuck cars from the snow and mud. Its never left me stranded or gotten stuck. I can’t say enough about how great a vehicle the element is. The past few years of element have really let me down. I feel my 04 is much nicer than a brand new one. You would have to pay me to trade it in for a new one. So because of that im not too sad the element will be no more. Its just another reason to see just how long mine will last. Yes its different but why blend in. You wanna see ugly look at the pontiac aztek or nissan juke. Talk about ugly! If honda had kept true to the element I would have been sad to see it go but honestly the new ones just look like a small pilot.

  • Bullwinkle

    Been test driving a lot of midsize SUVs lately. Was test driving on a windy day, the ford escape was terrible for wind noise, as were many others. The one surprise was a used 05 element AT AWD. It was the quiet ride of the bunch I test drove on a windy day. Who’d a thunk a box would be quiet in the wind. I may get a 2011 before they cease production since I don’t see anything else ugly or not that is enough of the utility in SUV. Retiring my ford explorer didn’t happen soon enough, what piece of P00p. The element would get 10mpg more than the explorers best mileage. That’s an improvement of about 200 miles a tank.

  • smdvt0930

    It’s a sad, sad day. There are hundreds of dogs across America who are going to miss out on the oportunity of their owners getting the perfect car for them. We use to joke that we “bought a car for our dog”. The Element is the perfect car for us and we are truly disappointed at Honda’s decision to stop production.

  • Elementally disturbed

    Sad to see it go. Honda made me a believer, after owning used cars for so long
    Hondas gave me the least trouble. The worst car I owned was a 89 chevy camaro.
    Sorry gas mileage, all around bad. I did not think much of the element at first, i did
    Not like the non painted panels, but took notice when they painted them. It just looked
    Better with the panels painted. I really took notice when the introduced the sc model.
    It had a sportier look to it, more aggressive than the lx & ex. And I had to buy one and
    I love it. I plan on adding some 20″ wheels to make it look different from other sc’s
    out there. Honda basically just let it get old. Body wise and interior wise it’s remained
    unchanged for so long, it just did not create enthusiasm for new buyers. I gauge the
    potential of any vehicle by this factor. Does it make me want to buy one. If it does it’s
    worth considering if not it’s not worth looking at. My element made me want to buy one
    and I did. I am sad to see it shelved.

  • Wood d Forest

    Best car I have ever owned and I have owned a number of SUV including a Mercedes MLK. This vehicle is great in snow, great on the highway, great on a two lane where passing is a must. If you’ve never owned one, its your loss. Just dont try to find a used one soon.

  • Pismo_clams

    I traded in my Element in June for a Nissan Xterra. I had put 100,000 miles on the Element in less than 4 years and felt it was time for another car. Even though the Xterra is a reliable SUV, I wish I had kept my Element. Better MPG and more versatile. Big mistake with the Honda discontinuing the Element.


  • Jean-Paul Senecal

    Je conduis un Honda Element 4 roues motrices depuis 2004 . J’ai traversé le Canada avec ce véhicule en 2006 et je peux affirmer qu’avec nos hivers et d’après son comportement il demeure un des meilleurs véhicules que j’ai conduit en 43 ans de conduite. Pratique,polyvalent utilitaire ,j’ai même avec la tente qui s’y rattache coucher à l’intérieur. J’ai transporté mes chiens ,mes vélos et mon kayak avec ce véhicule. je compte le garder encore au moins 5 ans car il est d’une propreté impeccable. Un bijou de véhicule . Dommage qu’il s’en aille mais c’est le business j’imagine. Il compte au compteur 143000km et il roule comme un neuf et l’hiver ne lui fait pas peur et les “bancs de neige” ne lui résiste pas. Un beau véhicule à conserver car il deviendra de part son originalité une pièce de collection.

  • John Manton

    Why the hell Honda didn’t slap the Accord hybrid powerunit into the Element is completely beyond me.. There’s a ton of room for the battery module under the floor, it would appeal (IMHO) to a much wider group of potential customers, and it would get even more awesome MPGs than the current box.

  • Binder

    Too bad. I’ve had two E’s an 05 sop 5mt, and I got an awesome deal on an 08
    bpm 5mt SC, I use them for my work vehicle. The traction control isn’t as good
    as my right foot, the traction control is lethal in my opinion, it utterly kills power
    when you need it. I turn it off almost everytime I start it up. I also find that by
    turning off the traction control, it turns my E into a hybrid. Yeah, it burns both
    gas AND rubber. Just like my dads hybrid, an XKR Jag. God bless the greenies.
    I’m going to keep mine. It was the only vehicle I could buy that didn’t force you to
    have a handicapped transmission, and would be able to fit my business needs.

  • mschwartz

    I have a 2005 Element and love it. Has plenty of power and a small turning radius.No mechanical problems.Do these other buy looks or performance?

  • Mark

    About the only few things the Element needed was the 5 speed mt back again, a dead pedal for your left foot and some advertising & incentives. Strange why they offer 0.9% financing on their best selling SUV, but keep 2.9% on the Element, and then they complain there’s not enough sales…..someone at Honda wants the Element gone, that’s all I can figure.

  • Rico

    I have a 2003 Element EX 4WD, and it has been very reliable with 0 defects or problems. It will be a sad day when the halt that production line. My Element has done everything from road trips to moving me from an apartment to my current home. I hope they come up with something to replace it, something better than the crosstour…

  • biohazmtb

    I have owned many different vehicles over the past 35 years of driving. The 2003 Ellie that I have is the first that I can honestly say I can never be without. Quite surprised over the news but expect a comeback someday just like the CRX re-make. Sometimes people just don’t get what they really need.

  • Loren

    I’ve owned two Elements; a 2006 4WD model in silver with dark blue plastic panels; and my current 2008 4WD Element in atomic blue. When the Element first came out in 2001, I laughed at the looks of it; so boxy and utilitarian. However, 5 years later, I bought one simply for its flexible interior and room to haul stuff, and discovered one of the most satisfying vehicles I’ve ever owned. When I saw the new atomic blue ’08 on the dealer’s lot with all the upgrades I wanted, I traded in my ’06- 4WD. The ’08-4WD with upgrades (aluminum wheels, five speed auto, more power) is even better. I have nearly 40K miles on this one and, like my previous Element, zero problems. It is utterly reliable, has never left me stranded, has an amazingly quiet, very comfortable ride (definitely NOT like a truck) and has all the convenience features (including that great rear skylight for stargazing at night if you sleep inside when you go camping… AND it’s removable!) anyone could want. I am very saddened to learn that Honda is discontinuing The Element. This vehicle is the “leatherman tool” of trucks. It can haul 4 in comfort, or flip the seats up to haul lots of gear; or remove one or both seats, and use that cavernous interior for camping or hauling whatever you wish. What incredible flexibility! I plan on keeping mine for the rest of my life; and if Honda ever returns to their senses about this vehicle (note to Honda: in order to sell the unique qualities and features of this vehicle, you should have copied what Toyota did with the Scion brand)and re-introduces it down the road, I’ll but the new incarnation — but I’ll still keep my atomic blue bomber. What a great, satisfying vehicle!


  • wpbrain

    I’m also in my second element. The first was a 2003. The first time I saw one at the dealer, I thought, “Damn, that’s a stupid looking car!” Then I got in, played with the seats folding up and down, played with the suicide doors, etc. Then I got a tape measure; it’s nearly a foot shorter than a Civic. Then I drove one. Then I bought one. (Mind you, I was trading in a 1998 Honda(Isuzu) Passport, a solid but cludgy ride, and potentially a money pit (if stories about other Isuzus held true). So I drove my green element about 110,000 miles until Dec 2009, when it got rear-ended by a crown vic ford. I traded in on a 2010 Element, and it’s even better. (XM radio, no stupid moonroof) I prefer manual transmissions (haven’t owned one since 1971) and was able to get one of the last elements with one. The new ones don’t have manual. In future, I might get a Subaru Forrester.

  • Dana

    I had a VM GTI, MINI Cooper, Trucks an Echo, and a Saturn. My Fav by far is my 2008 Element. I am giving this car a lot of TLC since it in my fav car so far. I am not a hick, dog owner but I do sleep in the back of it on long road trips ( I am 6’2″) in perfect comfort. I love this car. I hope to baby this car for 200k+ miles. Goal is to get an electric car for the commute and then keep this for the road trips. I hope Honda (or another company) smarts up and gives us a utility car like the Element with 50mpg in the future. Only makes sense.

  • Rick Hilts

    I’m in my Element. This car does’nt know what it wants to be, but it’s everything. Rick

  • Mark from Chicago

    The Honda Element EX (4 wheel drive) was the concept of the car like no others. The excellent braking system, no problem with transmission whatsoever. Ask the dealer repair shops. They did not get a single Element to replace transmission. Very good handling with Touring Suspension. Short enough to park where other cars can’t. The best and unique concept of the back door that opens partially upper portion up and lower portion down. If you are tired on the road you can make your bed in this car. Finally the Element was named No.1 Car of The Year in 2011 among the small SUV. The most reliable and the cheapest maintenance. Thats why I will miss my Honda Element so much. Previously I’ve got 2004 model now I am running 2007 with 100+ and very, very minor repairs ( 3 electronic sensors) and right axle. Thats it! Someone may argue that the new Honda CRV is so cool. Take a ride and compare the suspension. The CRV is more for veterans 70+ with that kind of ride.

    I hope the market will fill out this empty space sooner than later. Maybe Nissan or Toyota? Who knows. Thats my wish for the NEW YEAR 2012.

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