Official Jeep Blog Launches to Support, Grow Jeep Community

Official Jeep Blog Launches to Support, Grow Jeep Community
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If you’ve just got to know everything about Jeep as it happens, you’re in luck! The first official blog of the Jeep brand launched Monday, November 29. Not only that, if you’re one of the first 25 to comment on the Jeep blog post entitled “Celebrating the Launch of the Jeep blog,”  you’ll receive two movie ticket vouchers to attend a film of your choice.

Venturing deeper  into the digital world, the new Jeep blog gives the company a great opportunity to connect the brand with its adventure seeking audience. With a purpose of sharing the culture and history of Jeep, the blog aims to give a new voice to fans and industry experts seeking more information about the brand. You can expect to be treated to exclusive content from designers, engineers and other key influencers that can’t be found anywhere else. The blog will showcase the latest news, consumer experiences, and will give consumer a place to voices ideas and opinions to Jeep.

Also on the blog, you’ll find instant links to Jeep’s Twitter and Facebook pages. Visistors can watch latest videos from Jeep’s YouTube page, check out the newest photos posted to Jeep’s Flickr gallery, read the latest tweets and even see Facebook updates – all without ever leaving the Jeep blog.

You can visit the Jeep blog at