Rare Fisker Tramonto For Sale; Own a Piece of Automotive Trivia

Rare Fisker Tramonto For Sale; Own a Piece of Automotive Trivia

In the world of car designers, Henrik Fisker’s name is more recognizable than most. After all, his past credits include cars like the BMW Z8 and the current Aston Martin Vantage.

In 2005, Henrik decided to start his own designer car company and thus Fisker Coachbuild was born. His first car was called the Tramonto and it was based on the underpinnings of the Mercedes-Benz SL-model. Regardless of the engine you had on your SL, Fisker had an engine tune program for it. The most popular model for conversion was based on the SL55. Fisker had enlisted the help of the Danish tuner company Kleeman to do all the engine mods, and they were able to get 610-hp from a motor that originally had 493-hp. So it was fast, and thanks to a custom exhaust system, very loud also. We know this because we have driven this car, and know exactly how alluring it truly is.

The original plan was to make a limited run of 150 cars, but sadly only 13 ever got made, which makes them quite collectible and also very hard to find.

But we have found one that is up for sale in Needham, MA. This privately owned 2007 model has reportedly only covered just 1,609-miles, and has the Kleeman tuned SL55 supercharged motor.

The seller is asking $150,000 for it, which is a bargain when you consider that a brand new Tramonto was going for nearly twice that.

Since Fisker has now gone into the plug-in hybrid car business, this Tramonto will remain a very rare and unique car indeed.

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