LS1 Powered Honda S2000 is Deliciously Sacrilegious [Videos]

LS1 Powered Honda S2000 is Deliciously Sacrilegious [Videos]

The old age debate of imports vs. domestics, four-cylinders vs. V8s, high-revving horsepower vs. low-end torque… the argument continues to rage on despite a whole new era of simple hybrids. And while we won’t see many GM enthusiasts swapping in a Honda S2000 powerplant into their domestic machine, there have been plenty of import enthusiasts taking big V8 muscle and shoving it into their engine bays.

Over the years we’ve seen plenty of engine-swapped hybrids from the Honda camp, from GS-R B18’s into Civics to Prelude H22’s into CRXs. Of course with the only popular RWD application from Honda being the S2000, it would only be a matter of time before enthusiasts began swapping in American V8s under the hood of the high-strung two-seater.

So here’s one of the cleanest builds we’ve ever laid our eyes on. Jason, the owner of this Honda S2000 on S2ki, did one hell of a project from the bottom up. Under the hood is a V8 LS1 powerplant while the rest of the car gets subtle upgrades to kept it extremely clean and functional. While some enthusiasts would probably go overboard with the aesthetics, this S2000 is conservative, giving no indication at what’s underneath the hood.

The initial dyno run turned out 317-hp and 333 ft-lbs of torque, a serious increase in power and more than double the factory block’s torque. Plus, it sounds like a beast.

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[Photo Credit: Chad Lunn, Source: S2ki]

Check out two videos of the S2000 after the jump.

  • Bob

    317-hp? Could have gotten that out of some V6 engines and saved a ton of weight!

    Also have to wonder what the cornering (or lack thereof) is like now with a heavy a$$ V8 up front now… No more 50/50 weight distribution for you!

    Should have just kept original engine and gone turbo.

  • sgtmcboom

    Is it me or is that engine sitting sideways? Will that cause issues with the valve covers leaking or engine sludge build up on that side? And yeah they could have done a 2JZGTE swap which is everywhere and then you would only be limited by how much boost you ran. Stock 2JZGTE is running higher HP stock. Its clean I give it that no power stearing sounds like great fun in a parking lot with a LS1 over the turning wheels.

  • Jason (the OWNER)

    Well i just ran across this online and some did some work putting this all together. (thanks) as far as the 50/50 weight the V8 is all aluminum and the car only weighs 65 lbs. more than stock and the 50/50 is still fine after relocating under hood items. As far as the power steering goes it still has the Honda electric power steering. And with the Ford Cobra rear differential the car is more reliable than a forced induction F20 any day with 300+HP not to mention to get 333 ft lbs. from a F20 you would need like 450-500 HP, that will not last long.Now keep in mind I have a S2000 for a daily driver and love it so I’m not hating on Honda’s I’ve owned 6 or more and still have 3 now.

  • Brian

    Awesome project! I was thinking of doing an ls1 / datsun z car swap, but i think you’ve persuaded me to go 21st century with my project. Same with the 240Z though, the ls1 is like 30 pounds heavier than the steel straight six L24 and it also preserves that pristine weight distribution.

    Bob do your homework before talking smack on the internet, as they say, horsepower sells cars, torque wins races. The powerband is another variable, HP alone doesn’t make a better engine.

  • Marco

    Dear Jason,
    we have not found your privat account, so we try to write you here and maybe we will gat an answer.
    We are interested in your modification of your honda s 2000, we have also one here in Germany and want to include an Ls1 engine.
    Do you have some pictures or something from the work you have done or some instructions to help us?
    We would appreciate an answer from you very much, thank you in advance!
    Best regards Marco & Verena

  • Raj

    That looks like fun, you should have put a Nelson Brothers engine in but probably wouldnt fit lol