Transform your Mercury Cougar to a… Bugatti Veyron?

Transform your Mercury Cougar to a… Bugatti Veyron?

Normally we have huge gripes about an awesome concept with poor execution, but this time we can’t bring ourselves to complain. OK, sure it’s not exactly at the top of our list of things to do – nor would we be the ones forking out the cash for it – but we can’t say it’s the most horrible idea in the world. Is it bad? Sure. Is it awful? Maybe. Is the finished product really that bad? Not really.

Starting with a 1999-2002 Mercury Cougar, some aspiring entrepreneur came up with a Bugatti Veyron kit car. It’s clearly a whole lot of fibreglass work to do the conversion, and at the end of the day you’re still missing all the performance the Veyron has to offer, and we’re not even getting into the interior amenities. But hey, if you’ve got $89,000 lying around and you live to fake the funk this kit car may be for you.

Or if you just live in some real rural area where no one would be the wiser, this may be the best investment you’ve ever done.

[Source: eBay via Autoblog]

GALLERY: Bugatti Veyron Kit Car

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