Fiat 500 Will Fail, Says Ford CEO Alan Mulally

Fiat 500 Will Fail, Says Ford CEO Alan Mulally

For all the hype surrounding the Fiat 500, Ford‘s CEO, Alan Mulally, has become one of its most prominent detractors, condemning the car to failure before it’s even launched.

Speaking to the Italian language magazine Panorama, Mulally remarked “I do not see large market in the U.S.A. for a smaller car than the Fiesta. Those that tried failed.”

While Mulally declined to comment further, it’s not unreasonable to expect such comments coming from the head of a rival firm. Not to mention, the Smart ForTwo has enjoyed dismal success in America, with sales dropping to a fifth of their highest levels in 2008.

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  • JimB

    I think this time its going to be different because energy prices will remain high and many Americans are not as rich as they used to be.

  • Lars

    You can’t compare the Fiat 500 to the Smart ForTwo. The Fiat is much bigger than that, about the same size as the Honda Fit, Mazda2, Toyota Yaris and Mini Cooper. And, the Mini Cooper has done well in the US, despite its size. It’s successful because it dares to be different. And so is the Fiat 500. With the stylish design, loads of features that are standard here, but options only on other makes, there’s no reason why this would not do well as a commuter car for many.

  • Ralph Weeks

    Seriously, the Smart car sucks.

  • Hearne

    As a fellow Kansan, I hate to bag on Mulally, but while he’s fared well the past couple years in tough times, he’s been riding the cheap gas bandwagon. And that ride is about up.

    Frankly when you look at the pathetically low mileage of the new Ford Explorer, Mulally has put his and Ford’s money dangerously close to where his mouth now is. He’s got a lot more to worry about than Fiat does selling 500s in the USA.

  • RW

    It won’t fail because of size or economy, but because it’s a Fiat The same company that pulled out of North America the last time leaving no dealers and little parts. We will be lucky if it doesn’t kill Chrysler too.

  • Gunnysack

    @RW – correction: we will be lucky if it DOES kill Chrysler too. Chrysler is an abomination, a blight on the face of the earth.

  • Dom

    Fiat will do well, the smart is a joke,the mini is ugly, too bad that the 500 wasn’t labels as a Chrysler to take advantage of all the Chrysler dealers distribution.