Report: African-American, Asian and Hispanic Women Driving Auto Sales

Report: African-American, Asian and Hispanic Women Driving Auto Sales

The latest trend driving auto sales growth is focusing on women from a diverse set of ethnicities. In studies done by R. L. Polk & Co., African-American, Asian and Hispanic women are making headway when it comes to making vehicle purchases for their families.

Polk’s findings show that vehicles purchased by these groups have increased 4.7 percent – 40.7% in 2006 to 45.4% in 2010. The studies the company conducted look at a five-year period (2006-2010) and their findings show that African American women have led the way since 2006. In fact, they are nearly on par with their male counterparts, constituting an average of 47.5% of the African-American community auto purchases.

Another interesting fact that the findings revealed was the auto purchases made by Asian women since 2008. Between 2006 and 2010, these women count for more than 14 percent of the Asian auto buys from their male peers. This puts them ahead of African American women, as they control 49 percent of the Asian light vehicle market. Coming in third is Hispanic women, with a current 41.6% share. Women who are not classified as non-African American, non-Asian or non-Hispanic Women gained two percentage points to bring them to a 36.9 percent share.

So what kinds of cars are these women buying? Find out the top five brands after the jump.

[Source: Polk]

Top Five Brands based on Passenger Vehicle Sales to Women

Brand / Share of Women Market

•             Toyota  15.7% (Represents 15.7 of every 100 sales to women is a Toyota)

•             Honda  14%

•             Ford  10%

•             Chevrolet  8.9%

•             Nissan  8.8%

Top Five Brands based on Women’s Share of Brand Sales

•             Mini  47.9%  (Represents 47.9 of every 100 Minis sold are registered to women)

•             KIA  46.8%

•             Honda  46%

•             Nissan  45.5%

•             Subaru  45%

  • Miriam Muley

    No question that women of color–Black, Hispanic, Asian, Arab, Chaldean women–represent huge upside for growth in high ticket industries such as automotive. It comes as no surprise that women of color are disproportionately impacting unit volume in auto…that’s great news for the industry and should signal opportunities for further innovation in vehicle design and communiction strategies. What is Toyota’s secret to being the #1 brand among women of color?