Bremach T-Rex Truck Available As Full EV

Bremach T-Rex Truck Available As Full EV

When it comes to electric vehicles and hybrids, often we see cute little city cars, sensible family cars, and super-expensive sports cars.

Well, for something a little different, how about a macho-looking truck ready to back up its image with action.

Available as an all-electric, series hybrid or CNG V8-powered model, the Bremach USA-developed T-Rex industrial truck uses a sophisticated space frame and hand-assembled body with a GVWR of 10,000 pounds, and ability to carry a payload of almost four tons.

The all-electric version claims a range of 100-150 miles under working conditions. Its motor offers 200 kW of grunt from its 100 kWh li-ion battery, which is enough to perform competitively against its siblings. The series hybrid version comes with a 40 kWh battery for 50-200-percent improved fuel economy.

The medium-duty hauler can be configured in a variety of ways besides as a pick-up. While it is a civilian-oriented design, the company said is also military ready.

The 4X4 runs quietly, and can crawl up to a 45-degree angle slope. It was developed by the Chino, Calif. based company around a legacy design from the Italian company Bremach.

MSRP for the all-electric model is $120,000, and for the hybrid, it’s $140,000. Most sales are to Europe at this point, but contact Bremach if you are interested.

According to Bremach Motors USA business developer, Ben Montgomery, the price is actually cost effective because the T-Rex uses a 115-volt system, instead of 300-500 volts found in competitive industrial electric trucks. While prices for large-format prismatic battery cells are coming down, he said, high-voltage controller and battery management electronics are still pricey, thus more dollars spent on a T-Rex go toward the high-tech truck itself, and less toward costly electronics.

[Source: Bremach Motors USA]

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  • C.A.

    Looks like a high center of gravity. Wonder what top speed is.