Los Angeles Drivers Ranked First in Good Samaritan Calls According to OnStar

Los Angeles Drivers Ranked First in Good Samaritan Calls According to OnStar

The concept of paying it forward has really caught in Los Angeles. According to a study done by OnStar, the city ranked number one when it came to drivers helping each other when they were in need.

OnStar used anonymous subscriber interaction data to gather information on the 10 largest U.S. Metropolitan Statistical Areas. They found that in 2010, Los Angeles had the most Good Samaritan calls in 2010. So what is a Good Samaritan call? It’s when an OnStar subscriber uses their 365/24/7 live advisor access to report another motorist’s problem on the road. This includes car crashes, flat tires, or any other vehicle assistance issue.

“Los Angeles residents deserve a huge pat on the back for their part in reporting actionable situations to our advisors, and ultimately helping to ensure many drivers’ safety,” said Terry Inch, director of Subscriber Services. “We’re all familiar with the adage of helping one’s neighbor, but L.A. has really taken that phrase to mean ‘helping your fellow motorist.'”

Coming in first, Los Angeles made 2,449 Good Samaritan calls. That’s almost 900 more calls than the second place contender, Chicago. After the jump, see how other cities fared in the list.

1.    Los Angeles: 2,449 calls 2.    Chicago: 1,540 calls 3.    Houston: 1,299 calls 4.    Dallas: 1,113 calls 5.    New York: 957 calls 6.    Atlanta: 942 calls 7.    Philadelphia: 830 calls 8.    Boston: 638 calls 9.    Miami: 217 calls 10.  Washington, D.C.: 115 calls