Fireball Erupts from Huge Crash at Australian V8 Supercars Race [Video]

Fireball Erupts from Huge Crash at Australian V8 Supercars Race [Video]

A massive accident occurred at the start of Australian V8 Supercars race at Barbagallo over the weekend, involving Karl Reindler and Steve Owen. Incredibly neither driver suffered any major injuries.

Reindler’s car stalled at the starting grid and it wasn’t long before Owen slammed into him at over 90-mph. Data showed the impact was a staggering 37G which resulted in a huge fire. Both drivers were able to escape their vehicles quickly with Owen unscathed (other than some soreness) and Reindler suffering minor burns to his face and hands. One of the major hazards of any form of racing, but thankfully safety is always a priority in building a formidable race car and this time it paid off.

Check out the video after the break.

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  • Ray


    From watching that video it’s hard to believe anyone wasn’t hurt. Very glad everyone escaped safely.

    When you look at how all this happened, it could’ve been prevented if Owen just swerved. At least the guy in-front of Owen did that.

  • Rob

    @ Ray, Owen could not have swerved as he did not see the car, the car in front of Owen swerved because he saw the car, Owen was behind him and that is all he saw until it swerved leaving him no time to react, the speed at which he hit the car, he had milli seconds to react which is not very much at all.

  • Ryan

    agreed, you cannot blame the car behind.