OnStar Launches Vehicle Compatibility Tool for ‘For My Vehicle’ Rearview Mirror

OnStar Launches Vehicle Compatibility Tool for ‘For My Vehicle’ Rearview Mirror

OnStar’s FMV (For My Vehicle) is a rearview mirror incorporating core features found in GM cars, namely automatic crash response, 24/7 emergency service contact; turn by turn navigation, hands-free calling, roadside and stolen vehicle assistance. However, it’s been designed from the outset to be compatible with multiple types of vehicles, not just GM cars and trucks. To help consumers determine if the FMV will work on their vehicle, the General has launched an online compatibility tool dubbed the ‘Vehicle Selector.’

This gives uses the chance to enter in information regarding their vehicle, such as make, model and year to see if the FMV can be made to work withe their car or truck. The Vehicle Selector tool is currently being offered via OnStar’s website or it’s Facebook page.

At present the company has been able to validate some 90 million different vehicles produced in the last 10 years for use with the FMV, up from some 55 million when the program was first launched back in January.

OnStar plans to offer the FMV via Best Buy stores, beginning this summer, priced at $299 with service plans starting at around $18.95 per month. In addition Best Buy will also provide on-site installation at a maximum cost of approximately $100. Similar programs are likely to follow at other electronics retailers across the country. For more information about the FMV and to see if it’ll work on your vehicle, click on the link below:

[Source: OnStar]

  • Mike Potter

    All cars sold in the US and Canada should have OnStar. There was a lady in Florida that drove off the highway any was in here car for several days.A road crew was working the highway and found her.Her car was covered up by brush and could not be seen from the road. She said her cell phone fell in the floor and she couldn’t get to it. If she had Onstar she would have been found with in a half hour not 4 days later.

  • Steve Miller

    Is OnStar FMV compatible with 2014 Mazda6??