Pikes Peak Dacia Duster Looks Ready to Silence the Critics

Pikes Peak Dacia Duster Looks Ready to Silence the Critics

If you’ve never witnessed the annual Pikes Peak Hill Climb, you’re truly missing out in an unbelievable experience. The locale itself is a sight to behold and watching high-horsepower machines blast their way up the mountainside is just icing on the cake.

That being said, it’s easy to understand why any automaker would want to compete here. But Renault? And a Dacia Duster – an SUV from the French automaker’s Romanian division?

Rumor has it that this Dacia Duster will differ rather significantly from the street vehicle, packing 850-hp in a body that weighs less than 2,000-lbs. Oh, and it will be mid-engine vehicle too. Some reports indicate it’ll be powered by a Nissan GT-R engine variant, though other rumors are stating it’s a V8 and the GT-R is obviously a six. So we’ll be keeping our eyes out on July 26th when Jean-Philippe Dayraut gets behind the wheel to prove all the skeptics wrong. And if not, at least he got to experience the sights and sounds of Colorado!

GALLERY: Pikes Peak Dacia Duster