Rumor: Lincoln To Build A Sports Car

Rumor: Lincoln To Build A Sports Car

According to the latest barely substantiated rumors, Lincoln the famous American luxury brand know for its large sedans and SUVs is about to get into performance coupes. Lincoln will hopefully join the fight in the performance luxury car sector up against some of the best including: Mercedes- Benz, Audi, BMW and Inifiniti. According to June’s issue of Road & Track, Lincoln may produce a lightweight, mid engined two-seater with either a supercharged V6 or a naturally aspirated V8.

Lincoln is planning to introduce seven new or revamped models within the next three years. A brand constantly trying to differentiate itself from Ford may be able to do just that with a new sports car. Furthermore, if Lincoln can produce this performance vehicle, it will be more likely to attract different demographics than soccer moms and retirees to its dealerships.

[Source: Automotive News]

  • barrystar1974

    I think it is a horrible idea to add a car like this to the line up… Lincoln needs to have a broad array of vehicles to compete in the Luxury market…. and ideally if I had a choice between an AUDI R8 or Lincoln for the same cost, id choose an Audi, Mercedes or BMW. Lincoln needs to prove itself as a full luxury line like LEXUS has. Follow there model… lincoln has tried little concpt things like the Blackwood AKA THE DEADWOOD.

  • Sumflow

    Great idea, look forward to it!

  • johnnyjr

    DO IT DAMNIT !!!!!!

  • johnnyjr

    sorry that should be “DARNIT” … just get too emotional over this beauty

  • John K Thompson

    Make me proud of all of the arguments i have had defending my Ford Lincoln brand. We have to set our new Lincoln brand on differen platform s than our Ford brther. We have t think glbaly. Look at the resmblence in the back of the MKS and how it aligning with Jagar. I could even see a streched out Lincoln MKS comparing to the Jag XL which ford had a relationship for some time. We have to not let GM compare our licoln brand to thier buick lacross. We have to stop the motor trend and other car magazines down grade us. We must be methalogical and descicive withe the new lincoln brand i we are going to compete for our rivht in the American luxury auto market and we mut build our new brand not only as a luxury copetetor in America but we should have already had our lincoln brand competing globaly.The foriegn car makers have came to our door steps and are building thier product and out doing us. I am sure that mister Henrey For is not laying on his back anymore. And last but not least tje ford lincoln family gave Cadillac it’s start. The oly thing that i can say is i will always be a Ford Linconl man but we need to get our act together,especially the visoin for our future of the Lincoln brand. Follow through with the newley redesigned MKZ and most of all we are not attrcting the young Afo American target group. We should and must reveal and put in to production soon as possible a Linconln sports car to ignite the spark that our Lincoln needs to compete in to days global market..
    John K Thompson
    Ps i would love to hear your thought expressed

  • Vince LaMorgia