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 |  Jun 22 2011, 2:59 PM

Fisker Automotive is looking to hire 120 workers at its newly refurbished Delaware plant as the company gears up for its second electric vehicle,  a sedan code-named Project Nina.

Although the Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid has still not gone on sale, Fisker is looking to hire assembly line workers as well as engineering staff and electro-mechanical technicians. A further 80 workers will be hired in 2012. Fisker acquired the Wilmington, Delaware plant from General Motors.

“This is an exciting time for Fisker. As we bring the Fisker Karma sedan to market and start delivering to customers, we are simultaneously starting to employ a world-class American workforce to build world-class American electric vehicles with extended range (EVer) in a re-commissioned American plant,” said Fisker COO Bernard Koehler.

  • Coteleigh

    Hello, I Leigh Cote was in west Palm beach Florida in February and seen the Fiskar Karma automobile being driven and being sold during the winter months. What a fabulous  automobile to be seen driven here in the United States hopefully our “JOBS” will be created at the GM Plant on Boxwood Road in Wimington, Delaware. Thank you, Mr. Leigh Cote’.

  • Coteleigh

    Hello, 10 DECEMBER, 2012, This is Mr. Leigh Cote’ saying that the “GREEN Future Automobile for GENERAL MOTORS and FISKER-KARMA is really impressive being seen driven here in Stuart, Florida and Westpalm Beach, Florida in 2012 MERRY CHRISTMAS, and HAPPY NEW YEAR to every one that still is not working at the Boxwood rRd. location at GENERAL MOTORS in WILMINGTON, DELAWRE. Thank you and Happy Holidays. Mr. Leigh Cote’

  • Coteleigh

    Hello, February 1, 2013 I’d like an application for rehire at the old General Motors plant to build Fisker-Karma the Green concept car for the “Future” which is being “Sold now as we speak in West Palm Beach .Florida at the Jaquar Dealership. People love this automobile with  over four hundred horse power and great fuel economy. Great Automobile. Leigh Cote’ Thank You.