Jon Sibal Unleashes Micro Car Renders for Fun

Jon Sibal Unleashes Micro Car Renders for Fun

Jon Sibal is one of the premier automotive digital artists out there, and from time to time he likes to have a little bit of fun with Photoshop making some awesome micro car renders. This time around, Sibal stuck to a theme of Rauh Welt-built cars. Rauh Welt Begriff, RWB, is a Porsche tuner located in Japan and loves to combine both Japanese and Euro tuning elements, creating some of the most distinct-looking Porsches in the world.

Sibal just makes them even more distinct by turning them into entertaining micro car renditions thanks to good ‘ol Adobe Photoshop. Aside from all the real good looking RWB Porsches, Sibal also showed off some non-Porsche RWB cars including a flat black Nissan S15 and and AE86.

For good fun, Sibal also did a couple of RWB’s Porsches in a Cars-theme to celebrate the release of the Cars 2 movie.

GALLERY: Jon Sibal’s Micro Cars

rauh_welt_micro_car_edition_8.jpg rauh_welt_micro_car_edition_11.jpg rauh_welt_micro_car_edition_12.jpg rauh_welt_micro_car_edition_6.jpg rauh_welt_micro_car_edition_13.jpg rauh_welt_micro_car_edition_10.jpg

[Source: Jon Sibal]