Safety Group Asks GM to Recall Cars Following Child Trunk Deaths

Safety Group Asks GM to Recall Cars Following Child Trunk Deaths, an auto safety group, says it wants General Motors to recall specific vehicles from the 2000 and 2001 model years, following a spate of child deaths caused by suffocation.

A particular case is cited, where two young boys died in the trunk of a Chevy Malibu parked in a driveway in New Carlisle, Indiana. A similar case occurred five years ago when a five year old boy and his sister also died in the trunk of a Malibu, this time in Arkansas.

Federal law has required automakers to install internal trunk releases in all cars and trucks sold in the US from the 2002 model year, incorporating an illuminated handle so those trapped inside can easily see the release.

However, KidsandCars, which interestingly enough put pressure on regulators to make that law mandatory, now wants older cars to be retro-fitted. The group has also pushed for the use of mandatory back up cameras, citing their installation as as a useful tool in preventing children from being run over in driveways as cars are reversing.

In regards to the New Carlisle trunk death case, local police are still currently investigating the root cause, while GM is also taking an active role. The automaker says it will release a statement on the matter sometime in the next few days.

[Source: Wall Street Journal]