Swapping Your Way To A Tesla Roadster – Can It Be Done?

Swapping Your Way To A Tesla Roadster – Can It Be Done?

Taking swapping to a whole new level, Martin Provost is out to prove that you can trade your way into a Tesla Roadster.

Determined to get his own electrified Tesla, Green tech geek Provost has taken the cue from famous Internet swapper Kyle MacDonald (that’s the Canadian blogger who traded up to a house from a single red paperclip over the course of a year through a series of online swaps). Provost has teamed up with Swapsity in his quest to go from a $30 camera to a $100,000 Tesla Roadster.

“It’s 100 percent electric, so any gadget geek out there, if you ask them, what’s your dream sports car, they’ll probably say the Tesla Roadster,” says Provost.

He started with a $30 camera and he’s now onto his seventh item, a 12-month enterprise online store package from Shopify! worth $3,000. Provost is making his way to the Roadster slow and steady, and we can’t wait to see what happens along the way. Do you think he can make it?

You can watch the video of Provost describing his journey after the jump.

[Source: Autoblog Green]