Traffic Camera Enters Law-Abiding Drivers Into Lottery [Video]

Traffic Camera Enters Law-Abiding Drivers Into Lottery [Video]

From the “Too Brilliant To Be True” Files comes this idea: a traffic camera that monitors drivers who obey the speed limit, and rewards them by entering them into a lottery. For cash prizes.

The speed camera lottery photographs the license plates of passing drivers, then either issues them a citation or enters them into a lottery, for a chance to win the money pooled from those citations. The camera was installed in a busy intersection in Germany somewhere, where over 25,000 cars passed by over the course of three days—and the average speed fell, from 32 km/h to a sub-legal 25 km/h, which indicates that it’s working (or people are slowing down to figure out what kind of weird camera they’re driving past).

Alas, it’s all just a competition cooked up by Volkswagen, and will not be coming to a speed trap near you. “Fun can obviously change for the better,” says Volkswagen. Of course, a reward for not breaking the law is always an attractive proposition.

[Source: Consumerist]

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