Bentley Themed Dining Room is Worth Drooling Over

Bentley Themed Dining Room is Worth Drooling Over

British luxury automakers seem to be branching out into other areas as of late. Not only can you stay in a Jaguar themed suite the next time you’re visiting London, but now you can also dine-in, in a Bentley themed room.

The new Bentley room at the private (and very exclusive) Mosimann’s dining club in London is actually an updated version, with the partnership between two the companies stretching back quite some time. Both are part of a prestigious list of “Royal Warrant Holders” (companies that supply products to the crown).

The updated room features purple and racing green accenting with models and photographs of Bentley vehicles (both street and race cars) throughout. Notable updates include a new table and wall unit made by Matthew Collins Furniture, a burr oak and walnut table with chairs designed after the seats for a 1926 Bentley.

Designed by Caulder Moor, who also created the Bentley Living Room at the British brand’s Crewe headquarters, the Bentley Dining room at Mosimann’s seats 14. We’ll await our invitation.

GALLERY: Bentley Room at Mosimann’s

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