Dodge Dakota Officially Axed

Dodge Dakota Officially Axed

In not-so-shocking news, Chrysler has officially pulled the plug on the Dodge Dakota compact pickup’s production. The expected move will result in 39 temporary workers losing their jobs and could lead to additional layoffs at Chrysler’s Warren Truck Plant where the Ram 1500 pickup is also produced. The union currently believes that layoffs could reach 150 or more at the plant with the Dakota’s production now discontinued.

Chrysler spokeswoman Jodi Tinson did state that in the event of layoffs, many of those employees will be redeployed to other Chrysler facilities – perhaps some good news from all of this for the workers. It had already been announced back in May that Chrysler plans to replace the Dakota with a car-based “lifestyle” vehicle for the Ram brand, but no decision has been made as to where production will be done for that particular vehicle.

In 2000, Chrysler had sold more than 177,000 Dakotas, but when compared to last year’s sales of 13,000, it’s no surprise that the Dakota’s plug has officially been pulled.

[Source: The Detroit News]

  • Leo

    A great run for the Dakota. Too bad they couldn’t go out in style by building a Hemi powered Dakota. The toughest mid sized truck ever!

  • Patrick

    I own my 3rd Dakota a 2008 TRX with a V-8. Sad day as I have loved every one of them. I don’t know the sales figures but at 46 years of age I won’t be buying another Dodge product. I will wear this Dakota out and that’s it. Dodge needed to update the current Dakota and offer a better suspension package. The engine, transmission, and towing capacity were all first rate. Good bye old friend.

  • Seb Perin

    It is indeed unfortunate that Chrysler has decided to pull the Dakota.

    I have just taken ownership of my third and it was quite difficult finding one that was suitably equipped: V8, crew cab and bucket seats. I originally wanted a Laramie, but there were none to be had. So I settled for a Bighorn Lonestar and had a chrome bumper , bed liner and leather bucket seats installed (thanks to a very accommodating dealer).

    Previously I have owned a 2001, V8 King cab SLT and a 2006 V8 crew cab SLT. They were great vehicles and a pleasure to drive and use.

    The 2011 has the most hp and in my estimation, is the best of the lot. It is tight handling, powerful and provides the most driving confidence.

    I feel that Chrysler has done a mediocre job of marketing the Dakota and that is the major reason for its demise.

    I graduated from a S10 Chevrolet, because it was too small, poorly built and underpowered. I never wanted a full size truck because I don’t feel that the slightly added carrying capacity justifies its size and further, no full sized truck (Ford, Chevy or Dodge) will fit in my average sized two car garage.

    Fortunately, I was able to obtain a 10yr., 100,000 mile warranty on my new Dakota, so I intend to enjoy it for many years to come.

  • nick

    Im sorry to hear about this. Im in the market for a new dakota. my 02 has 260000 miles and never had any motor trouble what so ever. Did replace the rear end twice tho. All in all pretty solid truck. Was hopin to see a new body style cuz the current one is one of the main reason for the decline in sales. That and the not so mid sized price for a mid size truck. Hope that dodge brings it back soon like the darango only better looking and slightly more affordable.

  • Lureguru

    The Dakota is the right size – they just needed to increase the mileage with a better engine choice – perhaps a diesel option. I have a “Bed-Slide” in mine so I can haul full loads – guess I’ll just keep the 2001 that I have.   rls