2012 Honda CR-V Specs Leaked, New 201-HP 2.5L Included

2012 Honda CR-V Specs Leaked, New 201-HP 2.5L Included

Teased with the above concept, leaked photos have already provided an even better idea of what the upcoming 2012 Honda CR-V will look like. Now come the specifications, which appear to have slipped out in a graphic published by Automotive News, highlighting the newest version of the top-selling compact crossover.

For 2012 the CR-V will retain its base 2.4-liter engine, dropping power slightly from the current 180-hp to 175-hp. Torque will, however, get a slight bump from 161 lb-ft to 170. Don’t think a downgrade in the horsepower number will reduce performance either as Honda is certain to have cut weight from its latest model.

But that’s not all. For 2012 Honda is also scheduled to introduce a peppy new 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine making 201-hp and 177 lb-ft of torque.

Like with the new 2012 Civic, Honda is also going to continue to use a 5-speed automatic, rather than a 6-speed unit. Still, look for a jump in fuel economy.

[Source: AutoNews via TOV]

  • Joannie

    I already DISlike the Crosstour. The 2012 CRV is like a Crosstour on Steroids! I am done with the CRV, done, done, done.

    Proud Former Owner of a 2000 Honda CRV which I had for 10 years. Happy Current Owner of a 2009 Honda CRV which I will drive until it dies, because I will NOT buy a Crosstour on Steroids – UGGGGLLLY!

  • Mainer

    I’m looking forward to it’s release! I love the new look!

  • Luc Thibodeau

    I like the look,very modern.

  • Jim

    I have a 2010 and it is a very nice cruiser on the highway. What it lacks is low end torque. 180 HP is plenty, but it needs about 190-200 ft-lbs to get it to move more freely. Honda needs to stop focusing on high rpm engines and build some that can easily move a 3500 pound vehicle with lower, less rambunctious and quieter rpm. With the 5-speed transmission, the motor is always busy finding lower gears to accelerate in. A 6-speed is wholly unnecesary. But direct injection should be standard from now on.
    Now drop the high drag front end design, add an integrated beverage cooler between the front seats, a tad more sound absorbtion and a more comfortable headrest and you can have yourself a very comfortable, long distance, high mpg, highway cruiser.

  • H

    by the time the 2012 CRV comes out we’ll see other automakers show-casing their 2013’s. Honda must be scared since GM has the new Equinox that is equivelant in size as the Pilot but gets 32 mgp on hwy.

  • john

    32MPG Equinox? Only on paper buddy. Most people with 2011 Average 23mpg or less. EPA ratings are a joke-GM advertises their SUV gets the same MPG as a mini cooper-what a joke for stupid people to beleive. Comparing a GM to a Honda? What a laugh. The GM has no resale value because most need new engines before 100k miles!

  • Rudy

    I’m ready to trade my 2011 RDX for the new CRV, gas mileage has to be better than what I’ve been getting.

  • Ken

    When do the new 2012 honda CRV comw out?