Acura NSX Concept Gets Mid-Engine V6 Hybrid SH-AWD: 2012 Detroit Auto Show

Acura NSX Concept Gets Mid-Engine V6 Hybrid SH-AWD: 2012 Detroit Auto Show

Acura is bringing a dead legend back to life with the unveiling of their NSX concept at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show.

The all new super car has lost some weight thanks to lightweight build materials and Acura’s race inspired philosophy of a well balanced power to weight ratio. The new NSX will be powered my a mid-mounted direct injection VTEC V6 engine which will utilize Acura’s hybrid super handling all wheel drive system. The SH-AWD system consists of two electric engines which operate independently of each other and can generate positive or negative torque to the front wheels during cornering. The V6 SH-AWD system will be paired with a dual clutch transmission outfitted with its own electric motor giving the NSX three separate electric power plants.

The styling on the new NSX is very much a classic supercar look, using low ground clearance, aggressive angles in the nose, a very low profile roof line and a windswept look running into a small rear spoiler to achieve its supercar style. Hard angles are all over the NSX which gives it a very rigid  and serious stance.

President and CEO of Honda Motor Co. Takanobu Ito said, “In this new era, even as we focus on the fun to drive spirit of the NSX, I think a supercar must respond positively to environmental responsibilities.” Ito also revealed that the NSX will be a production model within the next three years and it will be built in an Ohio car plant.

GALLERY: Acura NSX Concept


GALLERY: Acura NSX Concept

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Watch AutoGuide’s first look video of the new NSX below:

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Plus, watch the Acura NSX Super Bowl ad:

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  • Alex

    I love the fact they kept it a V6 but the hybrid fact in this car i find it a gimmick! The front end i would say still needs some work, it just doesn’t feel very honda to me atm…

  • Ryan

    who is going to turn down more power from electric motors? F1 doesn’t. this is a different type of hybrid. *applause* for keeping the NSX’s drivetrain powering the rear wheels, with the electrics on the front, rather than vice versa.

  • Brian

    I wonder how it handles if the fronts are only powered by electric motors. Under full acceleration do the electric motors even do anything? If the V6 is powering the rear wheels wouldn’t the rear wheels just overpower the front wheels electric motors? So what are the front wheels for? City driving? Would like more information on when these two types of power are being delivered.

    It is good to see that Honda/Acura is concentrating on a performance car but we have yet to see if this is even going to make an impact in the automotive world. With cars like the GTR and LF-A being flags Honda sure has a big plate to fill.

  • Tim

    It will be interesting to see how this car performs versus an R8 or GTR. However, Mr. Ito may be overestimating the size of the market for “green” supercars. With my GT500, I find that driving enjoyment is inversely proportional with gas mileage.


    Acura NSX-2012,Super car,very nice and good model.I like this design.

  • Nick

    On paper it sounds ok, visually it looks out of date and doesn’t make me drool like the bmw concept does.

  • Colum Wood

    You mean the i8? I think there’s actually quite a lot of similarity between the two and the NSX looks much closer to production than any of the i8 concepts we’ve seen so far.

  • bunga bunga

    bmw i8 idea was based on outdated honda duelnote hahaha..nsx haha just like there valve tronic was fake copy of Vtec,hahaha .nsx is a diffrent stuff,bmw will copy later…