Mazda Diesel to Arrive in Early 2013

Mazda Diesel to Arrive in Early 2013

Those eagerly awaiting the launch of a diesel Mazda finally have some solid news about the oil-burner’s arrival in the U.S. According to the latest reports, Mazda is planning to have its diesel model on sale in early 2013 – just around 12 months away.

The arrival date of the new Skyactiv-D powered Japanese car was confirmed by spokesman Jeremy Barnes.

What has yet to be revealed is exactly what model will receive the diesel powerplant, although speculation is that the new CX-5 crossover will get the nod, while cars like the Mazda 3 and 6 could follow.

The 2.2-liter four-cylinder is capable of around 160 hp with over 300 lb-ft of torque, handily besting VW’s TDI mill. Perhaps the most attractive aspect of the Skyactiv-D engine, however, is that while it delivers excellent torque at low rpm it doesn’t fall on its face as the revs rise. In fact, it redlines at 5200 rpm, as opposed to 4500 rpm in most diesel engines, delivering more of that Mazda zoom-zoom quality.

GALLERY: 2012 Mazda CX-5

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For more on the Mazda Skyactiv-D diesel engine see here, or watch our video on the new technology below.

[Source: Car&Driver]

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  • steve

    Sure hope that the mazda 3 hatch has a 2.2 diesel and is on sale in the USA by jan 2013 cause thats when im buying a new diesel car (not SUV/CUV)if mazda dont have this car available for the USA then ill buy the golf tdi or chevy cruze!

    Mazda will lose a sale! (sorry) you should have gotten the diesel to the USA sooner/faster.

  • Eric

    I wanted a Subaru diesel, but they let me down. If Mazda sells an affordable hatchback or sedan, or even a reasonably affordable “crossover”, with a diesel engine, I’ll buy one. Count on it.

    Are you listening, Mazda?

  • jaydee

    Why compare the diesel engine to gasoine? The diesel is superior, especially with a manual tranny. Drive one and you will see.

  • Martin Rrkhoper

    Bring the CX-5 Diesel to the US…Mr. Mazda USA!  Why should only the Asian and European markets get it?  I understand all the negative pre-conceptions  US drivers have of old diesel technology and tougher US emissions standards etc etc….but once US drivers see and experience the advantages and performance of the new diesels….hybrids will finally get a run for their money…unless you are one of those “dogooders” who bought the Prius for status or it’s green image (those who didn’t even consider the Honda Civic, you know who you are, yes you!)

    There have been rumors about Honda and Subaru bringing diesel over to the US in the form of either a small sedan or crossover, but nothing so far. VW is thus far the only reasonably priced  purveyor of diesels to the US, just wish they were more reliable overall. Mazda – beat them to the punch and you will take the lead in a yet another segment and if the Miata experience is any indication it will probably take the other guys another 5 to 10 before they catch up.

  • please get diesel soon… I despise the corn farmer shoving ethanol in our gas tank.

  • Guest

    Has me tempted to upgrade my car to a Mazda Diesel now.

  • Duane

    sure hope they will be available with a manual tranny other than a base 2 weel dr. model .but cant wait for diesels.

  • Jock

     I agree.  Subaru let me down.  I love Subaru’s, they are excellent cars, but I too will buy a Mazda.
    Are you listening Subaru!!!!

  • TONY


  • Rj

    that engine has a mercedes logo on it!

  • Blklabesq

    I own a Forester and a Mercedes diesel. While I would love to buy a Subie diesel, I will buy the Mazda with a manual trans if they beat Subaru to the punch

  • Nathan1915


  • Nathan1915

    Subaru says that they won’t bring the diesel to the US because they feel that with the increase of other brands bringing diesels to our shores there will not be sufficient sales volume. In short they think the US market has reached it’s saturation point. I responded to them that the only AWD diesels in the US are currently VW Toureg, MB and BMW.

    I think the real reason they are holding off is because every since the US mandated Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD) a few years ago, it has caused some serious engine reliability issues. The fix for this seems to be using a 2% (or more) bio-diesel mix to protect the engine parts and replace the sulphur lubricity. Sulphur is naturally found in diesel and it did serve a crucial role, lubricating and protecting important engine parts. Bio-diesel isn’t as common as it really needs to be.

  • gulfstream

    Where do I sign to get a diesel one?
    I was close to buying a gasoline cx5 , but now with those news . I will wait to get
    A diesel one….so please Mazda get them out soon……

  • Leon

    Not only I would like to purchase Mazda 6 Wagon with 2.2L
    turbo diesel and 6 speed manual transmissions as a replacement for my 2009
    Honda Accord but three of my closed friends will do the same. Many other
    (myself included) will go for CX-5 or CX-7 with dual clutch transmissions as
    the best alternative to current gasoline powered SUVs’. Power and economy of
    diesel engines are contagious. It will spread like a tsunami (or virus-if one prefers)
    in this country. I am sympathetic for refineries’ folks who are completely unprepared
    for this. Let this Tsunami come to us! Our shores are wide open!

     Environmentalists:  go to “Moon” with your hybrid. Green line to diesel
    on Earth; Skyactiv diesel that is.

     Attention Mazda
    folks: we are waiting here in USA for your promised diesel power plant in your
    beloved vehicles. Do not disappoint us on this. Be as broad minded as possible
    in your decision and USA citizens will reward you for your courage and deliverance.
    Give us as many options as possible on vehicle selections with Skyactiv
    technology diesel engines. Please deliver us from narrow-minded gasoline trap
    right now before nonsense of electro-hybrid pitfall will engulf us completely. Mazda’s
    Skyactiv technology – salvation for USA car market!  This is the only chance at this point of time
    for us.  Please act now, today! Thank

    40 million times Hurry to Mazda!

  • Uniwermag

    One more time just for the record:

    If they arrive, I will be first in line at Mazda dealer to
    get them. I will replace my 2009 Accord with Mazda 6 Turbo Diesel and my 1010
    Forester with Mazda CX-7 Turbo Diesel immediately. Just getting tired of 25 MPG
    out of them. Come on! Get them here. Be on time; my wallet is bulging. Please do
    not make it “burst” on Volkswagen Diesel (the only legitimate choice at this

    Nope! Subaru will hesitate to bring their turbo diesels to USA.
    Do not count on that. It is just a pure politics. If this would happened who
    would buy front wheel drive only turbo diesel Volkswagens.  The answer is: nobody! That is why Subaru will
    not bring their turbo diesel to this country because is too good and they are
    still “working to refine the exhaust” to comply with California standards.

    Folks; it is a game, pure and simple! Since 2009 Subaru Heavy
    Fuji Industries is working to “refine the exhaust” just for California standards
    and rest of us (including Canada). Just let them work on it for another four
    years. Then, I bet the California standard will become stricter. Right now
    politicians open market (green light) to VW diesels only – and maybe Mazda.
    Will see.

  • Indoplus

    Impressive as it is, but Mazda American don’t get it. They keep miss reading the demand. They supplying the wrong thing. This is I don’t understand as if they never go to school to read a graph. One of the chart saying 50% of the new buyer buying a diesel cars. They supplying the bigger gas engine as alternative. It’s the blind leading the blind!!!!

  • Javier

    What would be the point for bringing efficient Diesel
    engines to this country?  There is none.
    The big government or local governments are not interesting. Do you think they
    will allow you to drive a vehicle using 45-55 MPG? Hell, no! There is tax money
    (life thread for every city and police department in this country, including City
    of Detroit – 14.5 billion dollars in debt) in every gallon of fuel we burn. The
    more we burn, the better city and police services including road maintenance we’ll
    get. Unless they (the senators, governors) remove taxes from every gallon of
    fuel, then and only then, we will have freedom of purchasing anything we want.
    All manufacturers will saturate us with very fuel efficient engines. Until then
    Mazda and others will have to jump over this stumble block in order to bring
    something good to this country (no solution yet). As of today there is no move on
    part of the government to lower fuel consumption. And remember this; 35.5MPG
    fuel efficiency by 2016 in this country was meant for 3 wheel scooters not cars (just read between lines of
    president Obama’s speech). At this point you have to burn and burn gas at rate
    20MPG or worse in your car and be happy because if you are not – well, buy a
    scooter. No efficient diesel engine allowed for American buyers. None.

    Warning to all hybrid and electric vehicle users!


    Starting December 2013 you will have to pay one-time fee of $250
    dollars (tax equalizer for low fuel usage, a punishment in other word). The 43MPG
    efficiency in hybrid will cost you more than 20MPG in regular gas guzzler
    vehicles. Oh, by the way, purchasing electric or hybrid vehicle will make you
    feel good. Go for the feeling instead! There is no savings there at all.

  • Lagrange

    Right on the money, sir. I do own Prius (45MPG), but saving
    will come to me after 7th year or less of ownership. But, I feel
    good and supportive for our beloved president’s fuel initiative for scooters.
    But why do I have to pay $250 dollars for fuel taxes? That is unfair. This will
    hurt my feeling – and pocket book as well.

  • Javier

    See, if you go for the feeling, you are always a looser. If
    something is too good to be true, it usually is. …and good diesel engines in
    Mazda vehicle in this country will be one of “too good to be true”.

  • Guest

    us have a hope that Mazda USA will bring diesel motors to us.  It is nothing wrong to have it. BMW, Mercedes
    and Volkswagen are not “the only chosen players” here. Please encourage Mazda
    USA to stand behind their good product (diesel motor) and fulfill a dream of
    many of us. Despite of extra taxes for hybrid vehicles or higher price for
    diesel fuel you will be always a winner. Your fuel cost for diesel will be
    between 28-32% less in comparison to gas cars. Use simple math, a

  • Guest

    is still working hard to deliver diesel vehicles to USA market. The delivery
    time has shifted to 2014. I believe Mazda will make us all surprised. Mazda as
    such never failed its loyal customers. Never! This company is solid as can be.
    They rather postpone delivery and fix whatever needs to be fixed and deliver
    good product, than dissatisfied their clients and recall thousands of
    vehicle later. It is not going to happen.

  • Arbuterol

    Mazda is in the hands of politicians now. Another postpone
    for Skyactiv Diesel vehicle for US market is a pure work of a cohort of DC
    politicians and lobbyists. Read my lips; there will not be a Mazda Diesel
    vehicle on US market. Simply, the technology is too good to be in competition with
    VW and others. Skyactiv diesel is far superior to VW and others to be allowed
    on US market. Just forget it. Javier was 100% right on this. Read below.

  • Honest Abe

    You are SOOOO wrong. Mark my words, Mazda diesels will come… in 2014.

  • Arbuterol

    Yea! Read my text.

    At this moment even Mazda dealers know nothing about “Mazda Diesel Technology”. And when ask for a test drive, you’ll see their eyes like “what do you want?” So, when Mazda dealerships playing dumb, it is a sign of “it will not happen” because at Mazda US Corporate level this idea died long time ago (April 10, 2013 to be precise). It is plain and simple.