Chevrolet Cruze Diesel Previewed for American Market

Chevrolet Cruze Diesel Previewed for American Market

The Chevrolet Cruze Diesel made a nice dent in the European, Asian, African, and South American markets last year selling 33,000 units. Now, the popular diesel option will make its way into the U.S., trying to ride on the success wave it is already experiencing worldwide.

The diesel engine that will power the Cruze is being developed at GM’s design center in Torino, Italy, with input coming daily from the GM engineers in Pontiac, Michigan. A truly global design team, GM engineers in Russelsheim, Germany are also working on building some specialized components for the engine like the accessory drive and acoustic cover.

The U.S. market has a different way of looking at diesels, with the notion that diesel motors are only meant for big rigs and tractors. The global design approach will help the new diesel powertrain excel in the American market says GM, as the Europeans know how to build a great diesel engine, and the Americans know how it needs to look, sound and smell to appeal to the U.S. consumer.

“The market for diesel cars in the U.S. is small at present, but is expected to grow due to Corporate Average Fuel Economy requirements and expected increases in gas prices,” said Mike Omotoso, a powertrain analyst at LMC Automotive. “So far, the German automakers haven’t had any diesel car competition in North America. GM could do well with it, particularly with younger buyers who don’t have the old prejudices against diesel.”

The diesel Cruze will be available in 2013, and will be an interesting venture for GM, being the first of the big three to offer a diesel option in the USA in a family sedan. “In terms of outward appearances, the difference between the diesel and gasoline engine is going to be difficult to discern,” says Mike Siegrist, 2.0L diesel assistant chief engineer.

The American variant of the Cruze diesel is targeting the 50 mpg mark, and will likely by named the Chevy Cruze Eco-D.

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  • steve

    Chevy this sounds good and all, but you need to watch what VW is doing with their new golf TDI! americans shop by numbers if your diesel makes less horsepower/torque than vw’s new diesels for 2013 than you will lose sales thats just how americans buy cars!

    Its a numbers game the best hp/ft-lb’s, best mpg, best handeling, best options,fastest to 60, cheapest price wins the best diesel title thats how americans see it!

  • Alberto

    I agree with Steve on VW TDi Line, You just cant Beat a VW TDi. But What is the PowerTrain Warrenty on The VW TDi, i have no clue. But if GM sticks with the 10yr 100,000 Mile powertrain warrenty that could be enough to sway the Population from VW TDi to GM Diesel (Hope its a Turbo Diesel by the way otherwise its just a joke). I know i Whole Heartedly love VW’s and Covet their TDi’s but i’d be swayed by a longer powertrain warrenty for sure as long as the GM diesel is turbo.

  • John

    I currently own a 2011 Jetta TDI (NCS) and I love it. Truckers are amazed when I pull up to the diesel pump and everyone who rides in it is surprised when they find out it’s a TDI. Beats the heck out of driving a silly Prius with a lot more torque and performance. I was actually shopping for an Subaru WRX until they told me they recommended premium fuel for that beast.

    I’m worried because VW only offers a 3-year, 33,000 warranty. I know the engine will last longer than the car but older VWs are known for electrical problems. An advantage of switching to a Cruze would be domestic parts would be cheaper, better warranty and as long as it comes in stick, I’m sold!

    If you’ve never owned or driven a diesel car, here’s some pros and cons:


    * A lot more torque–especially at lower RPMs than an equivalent gas engine. You buy horsepower, you drive torque though.
    * Lower RPM torque bandwidth, this is awesome on the interstate. You can accelerate easily and swiftly between 1400-2000 RPM wheras a gas engine you have to downshift and wind up to 3000-5000 to get equivalent performance
    * Lower RPM – less wear and tear on the engine, they last longer and it’s actually quieter at speed!
    * Mileage is amazing! Coming accross Wyoming I got 49 MPG at 75 MPH!

    * American diesel is less regulated than european meaning there are no lubricity standards so you are better off using an additive if you’re OCD about your car
    * Glow plug, you should wait 2 seconds after turning the ignition to crank. I don’t have a problem with this, it’s not an absolute but some people find this annnoying
    * Summer and winter fuel can be a problem in extreme climates. I wouldn’t own one if I lived in Alaska because of gelling issues in winter

  • ken

    This is the best news I have heard in a while. With Mazda’s and Chevy’s entry into the diesel car market we now have a choice over the unreliable VW or expensive Audit/Mercedes options.

  • heyfred3000

    The diesel is the only engine offered in the top-line Cruze in Italy. I drove one with my father-in-law in late 2009, when it was only 150 hp (now 163) and it is an awesome car! Way more than double torque of our turbo-gas model, and it transforms the car. It needs the manual trans to be its best (they didn’t even offer the auto in Italy until this past summer), when it becomes a near-GT. I’ve been driving a Mercedes diesel (manual shift) for 25 years because for all around use, I never found anything better with the same economy. If the Cruze diesel, 6 sp manual, really comes here with power intact, I will FINALLY get a new car! Already spoke to the local sales manager.

  • PilotDave

    Now if the Italians would only sell me a Jeep Rubicon CRD !!

  • maddog65

    About time!!! Now give us a mid size truck with a little turbo diesel.

  • Ken

    I just returned from GM Thailand ,where they build the Cruze and Colorado with a 2.5 or 2.8 diesel.

  • ChoctawPhyl55

    Glad to see another diesel on the market. Chevy is a great auto and has been for years. Hope they bring it to America and keep price affordable. Dodge started to do a Charger and got scared glad to see Chevy has what it takes to show the car industry who still has what it takes. Hay, plus any one that knows anything about fuel industry knows they are yanking our chains. It takes less to make diesel fuel, their just sticking itt to us and our Governemt is letting them do it. No, surprise there huh?.? Go Chevy Go!!!! How about a Camero!?!?!! I’m there!!

  • ChoctawPhyl55

    Your on top of it. Ford was going to buy, backed out. Scardie Cats. Go Chevy

  • Fredobmusician

    About time. Love my vw golf tdi. Didn’t really have another similar option from an American manufacturer. I would love to see a diesel turbo performance style option available. I bought my car so I could support biodiesel and believe that to be a much more important option for the future considering the terrible environmental impact lithium and other batteries have. Biodiesel from algae is my favorite option so far. Now if 100% biodiesel was available in a performance model, how much guilt free fun could you have driving?

  • vra36tfs

    and……..what is your point?!?

  • Rayjay333

    It’s about time! I have driven a Jetta TDI for the last 7 years and will never buy another gasoline engine car again. Diesel engines are simply better than gasoline engines. Period. If they weren’t, every truck on the road would have a gasoline engine. They don’t. Case closed.   

  • Adirondacktrail

     hell yes, we need that 2 liter in a canyon

  • Geoffmft

    I just sold a gmc denali would have keep it if it had a diesel. am building a toyota 3b diesel for my 82 toyota fj40. Toyota makes some great diesel rigs. Can I buy one in the US  market? If they won’t sell it in the US means no market??? Get real!! Is the US finally getting their head out of their rear. Go GM 

  • Tptomtom

    Will it run on bio-diesel?  Due to salestax incentives nearly all diesel sold in Illinois is bio-which won’t work in my VW TDI so I am looking for an alternative. 

  • Jordy927

     I would like to see a half ton with a diesel too.
    maybe a tiny 8, like a 4L
    or even a V6 with a little snail power

  • BP

    I read where the new “world” Colorado pickup is coming here with a diesel option.  I hope so!!!

  • BP

    Wonder why the new mpg estimate is only +/-40 instead of the 50+ they were claiming a year ago when they first announced this?  20% reduction in mileage is not a good thing.  I was really anticipating getting one as soon as they came out, but now I’m not sure why I’d buy a diesel at a $3-5K premium, with fuel that’s as much as $1 a gallon higher, just to get the same mileage.  It says the mileage will be about the same as the gas model, but range will be more, so they’re just putting a bigger tank on it.  So what? I can’t drive a whole tankful off without stopping to pee at least twice anyway.