Goodyear Recalls 40,915 Tires

Goodyear Recalls 40,915 Tires

Goodyear announced today that 40,915 tires are now on recall, thanks to the possibility of tread separation that can lead to full tire failure. Remind you of anything? Cough… Firestone….

Certain Wrangler Silent Armor tires manufactured from March 31 through May 31, 2009 fall under the recall. Under certain severe conditions the tires may experience tread seperation, compomising the tire and leading to potential risk.

It’s not clear exactly what sort of conditions do and don’t qualify as “extreme” but it’s probably best to air on the side of caution if your tires may be affected.

Goodyear will be notifying owners and replacing tires free of charge. For more information, feel free to contact the NHTSA safety hotline at 1-888-327-4236.

You can read through our list below to see if your car is running a rubber-related risk.

Wrangler Silent Armor tire sizes affected:

  • LT235/80R17 LRE
  • LT325/60R18 LRE
  • LT275/70R18 LRE
  • LT265/70R17 LRE
  • LT245/75R17 LRE
  • LT285/70R17 LRD