Honda Switching to CVTs in a Big Way

Honda Switching to CVTs in a Big Way

While many automakers are developing new transmissions with more and more gears, Honda is investing in a tried and tested transmission platform, the continuously variable transmission or CVT.

Honda announced yesterday that it will be investing $98 million at its Anna, Ohio, engine plant to build advanced pulley components for the automakers new CVT transmissions. These CVT transmissions will first debut in the 2013 Honda Accord and will also eventually find their way into CR-V as well as Civic. Paired with the new “Earth Dreams” 2.4 liter direct injection engine, the new CVT will help Honda’s midsize cars claim 10 percent better fuel economy compared to the current five-speed transmission.

This investment is in conjunction with a $120 million investment made last year into the Russells Point, Ohio transmission plant where the new CVTs will be produced starting in 2013. Honda said that Ohio is a very important production center for its North American operations having invested $500 million since November of 2010. “For decades, our two Ohio powertrain plants have worked together to deliver advanced products for our customers,” said Hide Iwata, president and CEO of Honda of America Mfg., Inc. “The production of this new CVT technology puts the Buckeye State right in the middle of Honda’s global strategy.”

Honda is working hard to introduce a new line of engines and transmissions to make their product offerings more fuel efficient.

  • Chad

    I suppose Honda has fixed the performance-sapping problems inherit with the CVT? I have yet to drive a CVT that didn’t feel like the car was trying to accelerate through three feet of mud.

  • mary b

    I love the cvt, so this is great news. For all the naysayers I’ve seen ragging on the cvt, try driving instead of racing through life.

  • Chad

    Racing IS a form of driving.

  • rlain

    Save a little gas with the cvt but spend a lot more to maintain it.


     CVT Transmissions require a lot less maintenance… the cvt is better in every way, except its not as fun to drive…

  • Carroll Overton,teck

    will the two shieves n the steel belt stand the test of miles ??? not worried about the pump,torq cv or other components,sounds good for mpg along with the di engine
    cto teck

  • Raficoutya

    The problem with cvt will almost never be the belt. They are way stronger than most people think. It’s the pulleys you need to worry about. So far the only really good cvt out there is the Nissan.
    By the way I have a civic hybrid with a cvt. it’s not the best cvt out there but better than most.

  • Crzcontrol

    The CVT drive belts are not lasting pass 60,000 miles on an average.

  • Dnspartners

    Well, guess I will not be trading in my 2010 Honda Accord for a 2013 – as I do not like the feel of a CVT. Test road the Nissan Altima and ran away to the Honda Accord due to the CVT.  And if they move the CRV to this CVT technology – we will no longer be a Honda family!

  • Grt814u

    The CVT is the best transmission I’ve ever owned, I’m not
    sure what you folks have experienced but my 2001 Honda Insight has 260,000
    miles on it and the transmissions smooth shifting even today is one of the best
    features this car has. The CVT push drive belt has shown no sign of failure.
    However, I do believe that regular fluid changes for this type of transmission
    are more critical than other old school transmissions. BTW this CVT offers
    approx. 7%-9% fuel economy over the traditional transmissions of the past.

    Of course the 50-60 mpg is also on my list of favorites for this car. The only
    down side is that it is only a two-seater.

    CVT is moving forward and Honda is spending a ton of money to prove how much
    better these are over the old school tranny’s and thinkers of the past.

    Make dust or eat it boys!




  • Troll Killer

    baised on nothing. you are a disgrace to the word retard!

  • k-man

    I have a 2003 altima and a 2009 rav4. I love how the altima drives and hate the jerky drive on rav-4 in stop n go traffic. i wish i got another nissan instead of the rav4. BTW.. my altima has about 170K miles and never had any issues. It still is lot more fun to drive than the stupid rav4.