Audi RS5 Visits Chicago Auto Show Goer’s Garage, With Friends

Audi RS5 Visits Chicago Auto Show Goer’s Garage, With Friends

A busy auto show can feel less like a civilized venue and more like a petting zoo, depending on how many people crowd in.

Joshua Smith, a loyal Audi customer drive three hours to the 2012 Chicago Auto Show to see the Audi RS5, hoping to get a closer look and even order one.

Unfortunately, when he got to the show the Audi representative refused to open the RS5. Smith felt understandably disappointed. He currently owns an S5, A6, and an A3 but thought the RS5 might make a good fourth. After such a disappointing experience, Smith drove home and sent a letter to Audi of America President Johan de Nysschen. What happened next was probably beyond his (and our) wildest imagination.

Smith received a lengthy response from de Nysschen explaining Audi’s reluctance to let show-goers sit in the RS5. First, it was a pre-production vehicle. Second, it was the only one that Audi of America had for the entire auto show season. Getting replacement parts would be a huge hassle if anything was damaged in the prototype. Nice as it was to respond, the end of the message is what most people are paying attention to now. It read:

“One of my team members will contact you shortly to arrange a private viewing of the RS5 for you. We will be pleased to truck the car to your home so that you can take a close look at this stunning driving machine. The car will be in Chicago until March 9th when it will be moved to the next Auto Show.”

When the RS5 showed up at Smith’s front door, it wasn’t alone. The entire truckload of show cars from the Chicago Auto Show: the RS5, S6, S7, S8, and A8 3.0T were all present. Even though it probably wasn’t the cheapest option for Audi, they certainly won back a loyal customer that became hesitant to purchase the RS5 after his poor car show experience. The free press can’t hurt either.

Watch the videos that Joshua posted on YouTube after the break.



[Source: QuattroWorld]

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