Eagle One Launches Environmentally Safe Car Care Products

Eagle One Launches Environmentally Safe Car Care Products

Want to make your friends green with envy over your shiny ride, yet stay true to your eco-friendly values? You can have it both ways, with Eagle One’s new Enviroshine line of environmentally safe car care products.

“Research shows that nearly 80 percent of auto enthusiasts want eco-friendly car-care products, but they won’t sacrifice performance to get them,” said Rob McCarter, Eagle One brand manager. “We saw that as an opportunity to develop a product line that delivers the same great Eagle One performance that consumers know and trust, while also helping the environment.”

Eagle One claims to be the first line of “green” automotive appearance products launched nationally by a major automotive brand. The four products include the a wheel and tire cleaner, a tire shine, a car wash soap and a glass cleaner, all bearing the EnviroShine name.

To create this line, Eagle One got rid of commonly used petroleum-based chemicals and replaced them with ingredients that are safer for the environment. Free of harsh acids, solvents, phosphates and petroleum distillates, the EnviroShine line products are biodegradable and will not produce run-off that could harm aquatic life, or fumes that may impact air quality.

You may also be wondering how much more expensive these products are, but they actually cost about the same as other products, which are actually more expensive in some cases.