Fisker Karma Flatlines During Consumer Reports Testing – Video

Fisker Karma Flatlines During Consumer Reports Testing – Video

Well this is just embarrassing. American electric automaker Fisker has had some pretty bad months recently, starting with a recall back in December, to reports of the company running out of funds, that has lead to the delay of Project Nina and then possible reports that the Karma could brick.

The automaker was probably hoping some good press would come with Consumer Reports putting the Karma to the test, looking to prove to the world that it is indeed a formidable plug-in hybrid especially at its hefty $107,850 price tag. That can just go out the window now, as Consumer Reports has reported that with less than 200 miles on the odometer their Karma has broken down.

The breakdown occurred while Consumer Reports was doing a speedometer calibration run on their test track, something they do for every test car. The calibration simply has the vehicle driving at a constant speed of 65-mph between two measured points. During one of its runs, “the dashboard flashed a message and sounded a ‘bing’ showing a major fault,” according to Consumer Reports.

They promptly took the vehicle off the track and parked it, rummaging through the owner’s manual to determine what may have occurred. Unfortunately after that, the Karma refused to let them shift the vehicle into any gear. The electronic shifter would only allow Park or Neutral.

The vehicle sat for about an hour before they restarted it hoping for better luck. This time around, it allowed them to put it into gear but it only moved a few feet before the error message appeared again and the Karma disabled itself. The dealer promptly sent out a flatbed tow truck to pick up the disabled Karma, which was almost 100 miles away from the dealership.

It’s disheartening to see all this funding going towards the Fisker brand and very little positive news has surfaced from the vehicle. It will be interesting to see what Consumer Reports publishes if they ever get the vehicle drivable for more than a couple of days.

Watch their video below

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  • Arthur

    Yeah , well that’s karma for you. We Americans, and the whole damn world should stop being car #&@^&*s and use E85 or E95 or E100. Hybrids and EV’s are #&y and you wouldn’t find me abducted in one. Give me a car when I turn the key, I get that nice vibration, hear a solid low rumbling tone, and has the unmistakable feel of the power band of a combustion engine. Not the high pitched sound of a hand drill that you Prius owners make.

    1988 HONDA CRX to this day,(20 some years later)is one of thee higher MPG cars period.

    Here are some real people talking about their Prius’s.

  • Matthew Wallace

    I don’t think it was right of consumer reports to publish this and tarnish a fledgling American company before they even get off the ground. Where is your patriotism Consumer Reports?

  • Cactus Dave

    You can keep your electric crap … I’ll drive my 77 Vette @ 10 mpg till I die….. then my son will drive it.

  • just get to work !!

    We should just get to work on fixing this problem with the car, and stop complaining !!! Put people to work, or back to work., and fix the car!!