Intro-Tech Automotive PitStop Furniture Line is Perfect for any Car Lover

Intro-Tech Automotive PitStop Furniture Line is Perfect for any Car Lover

Some car nuts just can’t surround themselves with enough automotive-related goods. Whether it’s a clock in the form of a wheel, or a bed that resembles a Chevrolet Corvette, it seems some of us just can’t get enough “car” in our lives.

Intro-Tech Automotive is known for their floor mats, covers, and sunshades, but has broaden their product portfolio with the launch of their PitStop furniture line. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen racing seats for office chairs, but Intro-Tech Automotive goes the extra mile by adding billet aluminum shift knobs to control the height of the chairs, and a brake caliper base above the wheels. Springs are seen on the tire-tread armrests and the seat adjuster post.

The desks are pretty wild though; featuring strut-braces for bars, gussets for stands, spoilers, and even coilover shocks and springs. Their desks have lockable wheels to make moving them around the office easy.

GALLERY: Intro-Tech Automotive PitStop Furniture


[Source: Carscoop]

  • Bigg Dogg

    This furniture looks amazing.  It appears that the lowest purchase price is at with free shipping.  It definitely looks like better quality then the price indicates.  Love the Red Chair.