Nissan NYC “Taxi of Tomorrow” Ad Campaign Emphasizes Innovation

Nissan NYC “Taxi of Tomorrow” Ad Campaign Emphasizes Innovation

Even though the last one was produced in 1982 and no working examples are left in the Big Apple, the Checker Motors A11 is still considered the definitive New York taxi cab.

Nissan is hoping that in the 21st century, it’s so-called Taxi of Tomorrow, based on the NV 200 van, will become the next yellow cab icon. In fact, the company is putting together a new marketing campaign for the vehicle, designed to draw attention to the vehicle when it goes on display at the upcoming New York Auto Show, as well as highlighting Nissan’s spirit of innovation.

The NV 200 Taxi campaign, which has an estimated budget between $2-$3 million, will play on typical Big Apple and taxi themes such as “if it [the NV 200] can make it in New York, it can make it anywhere,” and “kept it yellow, changed everything else.”

Other ads for the future taxi play on Nissan’s larger overall marketing strategy, which emphasizes “innovation for all.” Examples include “innovation for NYC,” “the cab that goes to the corner of innovation and cool” and “the future of the auto industry? We’ll take you there.”

Although New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg clearly views the NV 200 as the ideal taxi for America’s largest city; the concept of a nondescript, boxy van (one that’s sold in multiple countries no less) becoming as iconic a symbol of New York as the old Checker, is probably a stretch at best. Nonetheless, you can’t blame Nissan for trying.

[Source: New York Times]

  • haji

    So if they ever remake the movie Taxi Driver, will DeNiro be driving this?

  • Charles

    Come on people,it’s time to get past the old Checker cab. It has been 30 years since they last made them. They had their day, now let’s move on ahead. They were not all that anyway,the trunk was too small,the jump seats were unsafe,the gas milage poor.Let us say goodbye to the past, and welcome the NEW generation of taxicabs.Remember it’s NOT 1982 anymore.