Toyota GT 86 Shares the Spotlight With its Inspiration: 2012 Geneva Motor Show

Toyota GT 86 Shares the Spotlight With its Inspiration: 2012 Geneva Motor Show

Toyota may have a history in sports cars, but it’s not exactly the most impressive resume. So when the GT 86 (Scion FR-S) was announced and Toyota started explaining its heritage it was hard not to be a bit skeptical.

Seeing the GT 86 on stage next to the rear-drive hard-top 2000 GT, however, and there’s more than just a passing resemblance between the two. For the official debut of the GT 86 in Europe, Toyota has created an impressive display-within-a-display, with its new high profile sports car greeting guests to the Geneva Motor Show at one of the main entrances.

Toyota, for the record, also says inspiration for the GT 86 comes from the original AE 86, as well as the 2000GT’s predecessor, the Sports 800.

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GALLERY: Toyota GT 86 and 2000 GT


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  • Dave

    Hmm. I had big hopes for this car. As an (now former) owner of a 67′ Sports 800 and an owner of a 85 AE86, this isn’t it. Its a Subaru with over the top styling. I guess it comes down to price… There’s still hope if they sell the stripped down version here as in other markets and loaded its under 25k… if not, why not get a GTI?

  • W. Khalifa

    The GTI… You have to drive it in reverse. Smh.