Nissan Eases Child Seat Purchases with new Initiative

Nissan Eases Child Seat Purchases with new Initiative

Purchase incentives usually involve a zero-percent interest rate, cash back after purchase or no-cost options, but Nissan is going another direction to target families with young children.

One of the problems a family that relies on child seats faces is finding a product that fits both their cars and child. For those of us without kids, it’s easy to assume that all seats fit all cars and kids, right? Wrong.

In fact, it can be a real hassle because there aren’t child seat salesmen that bring everything to your house, which is where Nissan’s “Snug Kids” program comes in. Essentially what the automaker did was assign a team of its engineers to do the research new, and often stressed, parents would otherwise struggle through.

Now there’s a chart that shows which seats work for your car and more importantly the options that fit in more than one.

It answers the questions that invariably pop into a parent’s mind when a stacked aisle in Wal Mart is staring them down: which one of these will keep my baby safe and me out of the massive item return line this weekend?

Watch the video below which outlines the Snug Kids program.

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