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 |  Apr 17 2012, 9:24 AM

The Women’s World Car of the Year award brings together female journalists from 12 different countries, and this year they chose the Range Rover Evoque as their overall winner.

The women grouped their voting into four categories: family car, luxury car, sports car and economy car. The car with the most overall points went on to win the overall title, and for 2012 that car is the sporty and luxurious Evoque.

Available in both a 3-door coupe-style as well as a more conventional 5-door crossover, the Evoque is powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter 4-cylinder making 240 hp and 250 lb-ft of torque and is priced from $43,995.

The top family car of the year was the BMW 3-series, which seems a little skewed towards European tastes, as only four of the 17 judges on the panel are from North America. The Range Rover Evoque also won the award for Top Luxury Car, and the best sports car as rated by the women was the Porsche 911. For top economy car of the year,  the women chose the Honda Civic.

The two runners up in the overall points category were the Audi Q3 in third, and the BMW 3-series in second.

The Volkswagen Up! won the world car of the year award for 2012 as voted on by 66 auto journalists worldwide.

  • Henny Hemmes

    Sorry,  I do have to comment on your article:
    This award is absolutely not skewed towards European tastes, as you say. Quote “only four of the 17 judges on the panel are from North America” unquote.
    North_America has four from the 20 from 12 countries worldwide including Argentina, Australië , Canada, China, Japan, India, the Netherlands, New-Zealand (2) , South Africa, the United Kingdom (3)

  • razorhedge

    Sadly to say for the designers and car company that this beautiful beast has been named a women’s car which to be very frank is not at all a ladies car like Lexus RX 350 and VW Beetle, and is as sporty it can be on and off road