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 |  Apr 02 2012, 8:32 AM

Back in May 2007, Steve Saleen officially retired, but it was a short one. Less than a year later in March 2008, he found SMS Supercars and began launching his line of new vehicles.

For a while, Saleen, Inc. and SMS Supercars co-existed with no real issues – other than confusing the general public a tad – but when Saleen was sold to MJ Acquisitions in February 2009, Steve stepped in stating that the new owners didn’t have the right to use the Saleen name or brand. A few months later, Steve Saleen filed a lawsuit against them. It appears Steve Saleen has won that lawsuit or a settlement has been made.

Last year in March, Saleen Performance Vehicles announced it would stop producing Mustangs and focus on its parts line. But now Steve Saleen has reacquired the rights to use the Saleen name and SMS Supercars will be rebranded as Saleen with new vehicles being produced starting with the 2013 model year.

The SMS Super Cars website has already been rebranded with the Saleen logo.

[Source: Mustangs Daily]

  • jose aurelio

    what is the cost of mustang saleen s281 2003

  • jose aurelio

    I want to buy a mustang saleen S281 model 2003, but I don´t know  the price in this year, and I am in Mexico City, and I have a friend that he has a car model 2003 and he want U.S. 20,000 U.S. for his car; is this price correct or is wrong, I am sorry my Inglish is very bad

  • se

    This is an article on saleens on a blog, not kelly blue book….do the research yourself on pricing.

  • se

    I’ve read a number of complaints on SMS, this complaints are from people who purchased cars and from companies who are owed payment for services from sms….I would NEVER buy anything from saleen/sms as they clearly are in business to rip people off. I will stick with BMW products with Dinan performance products, they fully support and warranty with ZERO issues on service.

  • Jim

    everything you said above is absolutely true, we are one of many unpaid vendors ripped off by saleen/sms supercars. Terrible quality and customer service i wouldnt wish my worst enemy to own one of these problem vehicles.

  • Jim

    Reguardless of the mirage Steve Saleen has created with lawsuits and paperwork both companies have always been one in the same under his control which is why an agreement was so easily reached in the lawsuit he was suing himself. SMS supercars was created so he could walk away from all the debt, lawsuits and overhead of Saleen and he did the same with SMS ripping off vendors and customers of millions of dollars so he could grow his brand and when all the lawsuits come to a head SMS goes away and back comes Saleen again. this guy is a pure con artist scumbag and although claims he will carry warranties for customers, ask any customer who has needed anything under warranty if it was ever handled or if they were swept under the mat.

  • Josh

    I have the new saleen mustang. Its number 4 of 17. Black on black. The shifter knob is peeling and the car has less than 2000 miles on it. The paint has all flaked off and now its chrome under where the paint was…. You cannot make paint stick to chrome… Our ford dealer has been battling saleen to replace and were goin on week 4 now …. If u wanna see it google ” saleen unveils two special edition mustangs at mustang week. Mine is the black one.