2013 Nissan Altima gets Nissan Easy Tire Inflation Tech

2013 Nissan Altima gets Nissan Easy Tire Inflation Tech

In what seems like a long overdue move, Nissan has devised a system which lets you know exactly when the PSI in your tires is at the right point, and it will debut on the new 2013 Altima. 

On-board tire pressure monitors are nothing new, but this system from Nissan takes the technology to the next logical level. The car will first alert you when your pressure is low. While you are filling the tire in question with air, the four-way flashers will blink to let you know that air is going in, and when you hit the correct PSI, the horn will sound quickly to let you know to stop. It will also warn you if the suggested PSI level is exceeded by honking the horn three times.

Correct tire pressure is often an overlooked way to save fuel, as well as keep your car safe, and many of us are guilty of neglecting our tire pressure. This new system from Nissan should help the average consumer keep the pressure at the correct level, which benefits car and driver.

“It’s one of those simple slap your forehead moments, as to why someone has not thought of it before,” said Vishnu Jayamohan, an employee involved in Nissan product planning.

Watch the video below which further explains the easy fill tire alert system.

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  • Johnny Tightlips

    Now there should be no excuse for having tires with low pressure!