Chrysler’s New Detroit Office Solidifies Connection to City

Chrysler’s New Detroit Office Solidifies Connection to City

Detroit is the place to be in America if you are in the auto business, and Chrysler is marking its presence in the city by taking up an office in downtown Detroit.

Dubbed the Chrysler House, the office will offer a workplace to 70 workers, including the CEO of Chrysler Group LLC, Sergio Marchionne. This building marks the first time that Chrysler has had an office presence in downtown Detroit, though the companies headquarters is in Auburn Hills, Mich.

The reason for the move seems to be more symbolic than practical, as Chrysler wants to make sure it is known that they are a serious competitor in the industry, especially after the government bailouts and the doubt that has surrounded the company. The Fiat takeover has also been publicly viewed with some distaste, so the company’s Detroit presence could help solidify the all-American image.

Chrysler is also helping Detroit dwellers by backing a new light-rail project with 3$ million in funding. “We are Detroit. It’s that simple,” Sergio Marchionne said in an interview. “Other people may have their name on the side of a building, but we live here.”

Chrysler may not have had busines centers in downtown, but the company has always maintained a production facility within city limits.

Just like Chrysler, Marchionne is hoping that Detroit can be turned around from the economic hardships it is facing.

[Source: Detroit News]