Fast and Furious Nissan Skyline May end up in the Crusher

Fast and Furious Nissan Skyline May end up in the Crusher

Legally importing in a Nissan Skyline from Japan has always been tricky. There was a time when companies claimed to specialize in the process of importing Skylines, and while it was legal in some states, it was mostly done improperly.

Case in point is this R33 Nissan Skyline GT-R that once starred in the movie Fast and the Furious. Owner Justin Breno possessed two GT-Rs in the state of Wisconsin, that has a law preventing the ownership of a vehicle that doesn’t have a valid VIN. When the Skylines were imported several years ago, the DMV at the time couldn’t handle registration correctly, revoking the title of both of Breno’s Skylines.

So Breno decided to post both of them for sale, and that’s when things got ugly for him. An investigator with the DOT spotted them and contacted Breno with an interest in ‘purchasing’ them. Unfortunately, all the investigator was interested in was how Breno was planning on selling the vehicles and what he planned on doing to get rid of them.

Breno responded to the investigator telling him that the vehicle could be registered in the state of Florida and the title could then be transferred back to Wisconsin, but state officials in Wisconsin weren’t too happy about “thinking outside the box” in order to keep the car legally in the state. Even though that wasn’t Breno’s intention – he was just trying to give a potential buyer an idea on how to keep it legal in Wisconsin – the state charged him with felony counts of conspiracy to commit fraud and possessing vehicles without a valid VIN.

Breno was suddenly facing felony jail time, but instead of going to jail he handed over both vehicles to the state as part of a plea bargain. Breno even tried to work with the state to have them auctioned off for charity but that failed since Wisconsin couldn’t determine where the car could be legally exported.

Now the ‘Big Bird’ Skyline GT-R is scheduled to be crushed on May 30th, 2012 and an enthusiast is trying to do his best to stop it. He’s hoping at the very least, the car could be sold for export only. There probably isn’t much of a chance he can succeed, but he has raised over $2,000 towards his $5,000 for legal defense. It’s just a shame that laws that hardly impact society are getting in the way of keeping an iconic car in America – even if it was just used for display purposes only.

[Source: Inside Line]

  • mkinde
  • Apape10

    really our government has nothing better to do than this?

  • Danny

    its ok to let the poor and homeless go hungry,,its ok  to build more casinos when those have gambling problems,,its ok to jack up electricity prices when people can barely afford living expenses, but its not ok to keep a car   even if its just for display and show purposes—-  grow up what  corruption we have in this world today due to evil leaders running the nations

  • Pvtredrider

    why not some other car i love f’n’f cars there the best f’n’f cars made

  • Ndes

    America is just scared of anything thats more powerful than what has a “made in America” stamp on it. THEY KNOW full on well that this car is better than any POS american made tuner and a fully tuned one can smoke law enforcement. Busters!

  • Mrfinklestien

    Um its about insurance fraud do you think that the performance of the car matters in this case.The police have Helicopters so i don’t see the car being faster then a crown Victoria, Charger, Taurus means any thing. This article is more fiction then any thing else If the car get trailered to the track and not driven on the street i dont see a legal problem. Look at things like a logical person please 

  • Duncan

    I’m pretty sure he didn’t compare it to a helicopter. that’d be ridiculous. and he was just making a point.

  • milehisnk

    You mean this car is an overrated pile of unreliable jap junk…Sorry, but my 90s mustang would rape one. Been there, done that. Sorry, but the Skyline isn’t the great performance car you kids think they are…they are a 14 second car in a straight line, have 280hp and weigh 3600+lbs. That’s not a fast car, by any standard. Sure, they can be built to 800+hp, but so can Civics and everything else under the sun. The fact is, this car is illegal in the USA. It doesn’t meet emissions standards, it doesn’t meet safety standards. That’s why it’s not allowed here, not because of it’s (lack of) performance.

  • Mike johnson

    they arent illegal if they are 25 years or older..1989 and 1990 r32 skylines have already started coming over on boats..and completely legal..i plan on getting one next year and im going to get an antique lic plate just to piss off the local domestic crowds ” an import with a antique plate wtf ” 😉

  • zrc2d

    You mustang is a piece of trash, it can only go in a straight line, skylines look better than 90’s mustangs. And America wouldn’t ban the car if it was slow, they are not dumb like you