Lexus HS 250h Discontinued After Poor Sales

Lexus HS 250h Discontinued After Poor Sales

Slow sales prompted Lexus to end production of the HS 250h, which never found the same level of success that the CT 200h has. 

In 2010, the HS 250h sold a total 10,663 units, but quickly dropped off the radar, selling only 2,864 in 2011.

The CT 200h, which was introduced in 2010 as a 2011 model, is thought to be the main reason behind the HS 250h’s lack of sales. Most see the CT 200h as a much better looking vehicle, which offers similar performance to the HS, at a much better price point. The CT 200h undercut the HS 250h in price by about $8,000, a major factor in the sales slump that led to the discontinuation of the model.

The 2012 ES 300h is coming to dealerships soon, though it will not replace the HS, it is simply the next car that is receiving Toyota’s hybrid system which the company hopes to introduce to all models across the lineup.

[Source: Inside Line]

  • the posting is incorrect, the CT and HS do not have the same engine. The HS has more power